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How does Union Democracy work in Local 139? It doesn't. Gooch McGowan business manager and IUOE VP continues to put members in their place.


ROB ADAMS, standing up for the Rank and File union members of the heavy equipment operators of Wisconsin, read the attached statement to the packed local 139, Operating Engineers General Membership meeting Saturday Jan 12, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Rob has spent his entire career in the Operating Engineers, operating heavy equipment and has never been an officer or paid union staff member of any of local 139s administrations, and is therefore NOT named as boss McGowan is, in several multimillion dollar Racketeering lawsuits. ADAMS is
and has been a long time vocal supporter of union democracy, transparency and accountability for rank and file union members. Immediately after Rob spoke to the packed union membership meeting, Rob literally reached out to union boss McGowan to shake his hand out of respect for the rank and file. BOSS McGOWAN REFUSED TO SHAKE THE HAND OF THIS UNION MEMBER WHO PAYS McGowan's EXORBITANT UNEARNED and OUTRAGEOUS WAGES AND 2 PENSIONS.

Instead boss McGowan said Hell no I'm not gonna shake your hand. McGowan could not hide his elitist contempt for the rank and file members of local 139.
Seconds later - and like so many of his union 1% elitist peers - McGowan, who has a legal DUTY TO REPRESENT ALL Operating Engineers immediately retaliated and attacked rank and file representative Rob Adams.

ROB ADAMS statement to the union members of local 139, Operating Engineers - speaking up for the rank and file members - January 12, 2012 Madison, WI

Brothers and Sisters,
In the Winter 2013 newsletter, Mr. McGowan sees any membership who would question administrative activities, or attempt to inform other members of our local, as an enemy of our local. To quote; “Those who would participate in this practice must keep in mind that you only hurt the union.”

Here is what NOT questioning gets us:

Sandra Jungbluth, of Carday Associates, between January 2002 and February 2011, embezzled a sum of $474,000 from our Skill Improvement & Apprenticeship Fund. $373,500 of this, according to the Waukesha County Sheriff’s report, was embezzled by Ms. Jungbluth during the period when Mr. McGowan was Business Manager of our local and also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the fund. So we see that Mr. McGowan’s “Do not question” policy must even apply to himself.

Case in Point, our 2009 Form 990, which is the IRS’s Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, shows that our fund started the reporting year with a surplus of $534,336 and ended the reporting year with a deficit of $85,502. So we started with half a million dollars and ended up $85,000 in the hole. Although I am well aware that the current administration sees no problem with deficit spending, I argue that a more prudent person would have at least taken a closer look at the spending that caused such a dramatic shift in funds and may have found the $75,000 in checks that Sandra Jungbluth had written during that period. But our Board of Trustees did not question it and our membership is not allowed to question anything.

Had Neil Buchanon, Vice President-Cash Management for Johnsons Bank, not noticed the irregularities in the way the checks were being written and made contact with Mary Jane DeBattista on February 3, 2011, Sandra Jungbluth would still be stealing our money to this very day, unquestioned in her actions, because that is the policy of our current administration.

I submit that it is not those of us who question that are the enemy of our local, but the member who would be so content as to place their blind trust in one man, one administration, without question, that is the enemy of our local. This is a union of members, not of one man, not of one administration. Terrance McGowan did not build this local himself, he does not own it. He has no expectation of privacy, or secrecy, in the administration of our local.

So Business Manager McGowan, President McGowan, IUOE General Vice President McGowan is this a dictatorship, or a democracy? How should our membership perceive this “brotherhood” of Operators?

Sandra Jungbluth was stopped by a question asked. How can you Mr. McGowan, with all of your accumulated titles and positions, within our union and within state government, even presume to assure us, WITHOUT QUESTION, that others are not stealing from us, or otherwise endangering the security of our local and our brothers and sisters? History shows that you cannot.

Thank You Brothers & Sisters


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Its leading by violence for Gooch McGowan BM for IUOE 139



In IUOE Local 139, Wisconsin
Reprinted w/permission Association for Union Democracy Fri, 12/07/2012

Operating Engineers Local 139 in Wisconsin offers a stupefying example on a local level of a leadership that is quick to stomp on members who object to their business manager's odd plan for advancing labor's cause. If that sentence seems incomprehensible, you must read the story by Mike Elk in the publication In These Times, August 13, 2012 [1].
You remember Wisconsin. That's the state where Governor Scott Walker, in the face of massive protest demonstrations, has acted to destroy public employee unionism and where he has just warded off a powerful recall campaign initiated by the state's labor movement.  It's also where Mitt Romney has found his candidate for vice president, Paul Ryan, Walker's fellow Republican. 
According to ITT, Operating Engineers Local 139, under its Business Manager, Terry McGowan, has been a consistent supporter of both Walker and Ryan.  The $45,500 it donated to Ryan in the past made it one of his top contributors.   McGowan justifies his support of Ryan because, he says, Ryan opposes right-to-work laws and favors federal Davis-Bacon support of union construction wage rates.  Ryan's family company, Ryan Inc. Central, has been under contract with Local 139 since 1966. 
But think now of those ten thousand union members who had rallied in Madison day after day to denounce Walker's plan to break public employee unions and you will understand why some members of Local 139 were appalled by their local's support to Walker and Ryan.  When they protested, the repressive axe fell.
One outspoken member, Fred Higgins, says he was blacklisted, denied work through the union hiring hall even though he was high on the out-of-work list. He was not permitted to inspect the union's hiring hall procedures.  He, Tom Pare, and Randy Heule appealed to the National Labor Relations Board. But in construction, it is difficult to prove discriminatory reprisals; the NLRB dismissed their complaint. ITT reports what followed:
"After the complaint was filed, McGowan called a May 2010 union-wide meeting at the Pewaukee union hall, where he allegedly berated the dissident union members in front of a packed crowd. McGowan reportedly told the assembled union members that they would be denied raises because of the three who had filed charges. The crowd, at the encouragement of McGowan, turned raucous against the three men; according to Higgins, someone in the crowd threatened to "track down" Pare's daughter's truck and read her license plate number aloud."
At the NLRB, Tom Pare charged that BM McGowan had "condoned threats of violence" against  members because they filed the new NLRB charges.  This time, the NLRB upheld the charge. The union was ordered to post a notice in he hall: "WE WILL NOT condone members threatening other members with physical harm because they filed charges against the union with the National Labor Relations Board" and would not "threaten members with job loss, monetary consequences or expulsion from the Union."
The board also ruled that, Lewis Yuker, a foreman and brother of one of McGowan's staffers, had illegally fired Tim Pare for filing his original NLRB complaint.


From the website of the Association for Union Democracy. www.uniondemocracy.org. Email: info@uniondemocracy.org. 104 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11225; USA; 718-564-1114"

Copy of NLRB Settlement Agreement against Gooch McGowan


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Indiana Goes Right to Work thanks to Local 150 dues money and leadership!


After glowing testimonials, flattering articles, tens of thousands in members dollars, and flat out lies, the biggest lie of all is about to bite thousands of good, honest dues paying operating engineers in the state of Indiana in the a--. Starting with the biggest liar Local 150 ever had Bill Dugan, and ending with Dave Fagan, the perpetual lie of "Governor Mitch Daniels is our friend", has finally come home to roost. Leadership of the lowest level is finally exposed. How do you support and love a guy that on his first week in office terminated the collective bargaining rights of tens of thousands of union public employees? But local 150leaders did exactly that, and continued to support and protect this sleaze bag, opportunistic piece of crap. Now 150 members and all union members in Indiana are about to suffer irreparable harm because of their self centered decision making. Not only did Mitch Daniels lead the charge for "right to work" for nothing, but implemented measures to make sure union members couldn't get in the capitol building to protest by limiting the number of people allowed in the building during the upcoming legislative session. Guess who is finally speaking up? Hypocrite and Local 150 officer Dave Fagan says, "Limiting Hoosiers' access to their own Statehouse is the governor's way of drawing the shades so the people cannot watch a right-to-work bill move forward that will take money out of their pockets," Now he speaks up? Now? After protecting him for 8 years, now he speaks up? Every member needs to call Sweeney demand the resignation of this inept, incompetent slug. Leadership my keester. And if that wasn't enough he starts a new political group called Lunchpail Republicans to cover his arse. Are you kidding me? What the heck is in those lunch pails, hopeium! Republicans have always hated unions, and just because you believe in the right to bear arms doesn’t make you a republican. This is just a back door attempt for Dave Fagan to cover his rear end for supporting Daniels all these years. For you to put Ronald Regan as one of your heroes is a slap in the face to every union members everywhere, that sob busted PATCO and launched the biggest union busting industry the US has ever seen, and is the reason union members are struggling today.








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January 11-2012

Another IUOE General President anointed, transparency and Democracy bypassed again. IUOE President Vince Giblin Abruptly Resigns

Giblin's Resignation Insures more Mafia East Coast Rule. The abrupt resignation of embroiled IUOE General President Vince Giblin seems fishy at best. How does a man raking in hundreds of thousands of hard earned members dues money walk away from a cash cow, was it the feds? Was it about his convicted corrupt son? Maybe it was his wife that rumor says wants out, or the fact that he was about to go down in flames because of his interference in the election scandal at Local 501 in California where he tried to set up innocent members to ensure his guys would survive? Whatever the reason, and we will find out soon, his resignation, and what happened before that is what members should really worry about. If you paid attention to the last IUOE magazine you would had noticed the elevation of 2 officers in the IUOE chain of command. Anointed to the 14th VP position was Greg Lalevee from local 825, Springfield NJ, the other was James Callahan of Local 15 anointed to the new part time General Sect./Treas. position. These 2 anointing's assures the east coast will continue to dominate the IUOE. Isn't that just ducky, the 2 most Mafia influenced locals in the US and we get their trash. Sick. The word on the street is that James Callahan will be the anointed IUOE Pres. and Brian Hickey from Local 399, Chicago will be General Sect/Treasurer. The poor dues paying member doesn't have a prayer. Giblin presided over the most corrupt era in the IUOE, with more VP's indicted than ever in the history of the union. Good riddance.


Here is what we know about our newly anointed President.

IUOE President James T. Callahan

General President James T. Callahan was elected to office in November of 2011 and assumed his duties as General President on January 1, 2012. He previously served as IUOE General Secretary-Treasurer and was elected an International Vice President in 2008. He has served as President and Business Manager of Local 15 in New York City since 2003. A 32-year member, he was one of the many operating engineers who responded immediately to the September 11 tragedy and worked the entire recovery effort at Ground Zero. Callahan also serves on the Executive Board of the New York City Building and Construction Trades Council, the New York City Central Labor Council, and the New York State AFL-CIO. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the New York Building Foundation and sits on the Metropolitan Transit Authority's Blue Ribbon Commission. Callahan is also a Trustee of the IUOE General Pension Fund.

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January 10, 2012

New Indictments accuses union members of racketeering (the IUOE has a new leader but the old practices of corruption continue)

Mark N. Kirch, president and business manager of Operating Engineers Local 17 and nine others associated with that Hamburg-based construction union, have been named in a fresh federal racketeering indictment, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

It is the latest development in a six-year-old extortion investigation of Local 17, which earlier saw several guilty pleas.

The 10 were among those indicted in 2008 on similar charges. The latest, superseding indictment, accuses them of participating in a criminal enterprise which forced local and out-of-town employers to hire workers selected by the defendants, as well as threatening — and in some cases, committing — bodily harm, destruction of property and workplace sabotage at construction sites and against innocent bystanders, the prosecutors said.

As was the case in the first indictment, the second one accuses the union members of engaging in a violent scheme to extort jobs and compensation from employers during a 10-year period that ended in December 2007.

Those actions added millions of dollars to the cost of construction projects throughout the region, prosecutors maintain.

Named in the indictment along with Kirch, 52, are union organizer Carl A. Larson, 46; business representative Jeffrey A. Peterson, 49; retired business representative Gerald E. Bove, 66; and business representative Thomas Freedenberg, 55.

Also indicted were Local 17 members Michael J. Caggiano, 42; Jeffrey C. Lennon, 57; Kenneth Edbauer, 66; George Dewald, 54; and Michael J. Eddy, 42.

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How many more former IUOE VP's will it take to get Ethics guru Zazalli or Vince Giblin off their ass and help this membership achieve transparency and Democracy?




A thief is a thief is a thief.


For over 3 long years thousands of Local 150 members have waited for what everyone thought was the obvious. Dugan would go to jail. Should go to jail. He abused his position and authority. For years he took thousands and thousands of dollars from  staff members for a cash fund that on one saw and spent but him. He claims it was voluntary, but when you missed a payment his secretary was on the phone pronto wanting you to make sure you came to countryside and pay your $100 to da boss. And where did all those crown vics end up that were supposedly traded in. How did that track loader get to Maryland? And what was it doing there for months with plenty of hours on the hour meter when it got back to Illinois. How many projects came out of the shop from the training site and ended up in Maryland? And what about all the corn that for years was taken to his buffalo farm in maryland with training site personnel and equipment, oh yea he said he paid it back, maybe he did, but only after years and years of doing it. He only paid because he got caught. Well what about the smoke eaters that went from countryside to his tavern in Hancock Maryland, I suppose he bought those, even though they rightfully belong to the membership. The fact of the matter is he used his power and authority to do what he damn well pleased with the assets of Local 150, the tragedy is he only was charged with demanding and getting a god damn buffalo feeder from a contractor. The funniest part of this horror story is that the dumb ass BA's will end up paying his lawyers fees and his fines from the Dugan defense fund they are forced to pay, while he laughs all the way back to Hancock Maryland. What a tragedy, indeed. This is the guy that fat hog IUOE member and Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon said was the greatest labor leader in Chicago, well I hate to tell you Dennis, a great labor leader gives all to the membership, and takes nothing, but then how could you possibly know. Now Mr. Zazalli when the hell are really going to start protecting the members of this IUOE? Who the hells side are you on?


(Dugan Charges)


(Press Release)




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Letter to the Editor
By: Engineers for a Democratic Union

Brother and Sister Members of the IUOE. Those of you who read the International Operating Engineer Magazine, fall 2009 issue may have missed a very important decision made by the IUOE Executive Board. The General Officers voted to postpone filling the existing vacancies of Thirteenth and Fourteenth General Vice Presidents for one year citing economic circumstances. They don't mind spending our cash on a $898,303 on a Executive Board meeting?. Beside the fact that practically no one paid attention to this little diversion of the IUOE constitution (that's the way they like it) the members need to ask themselves these important questions:

1. Do General President Giblin and the IUOE General Vice Presidents have any idea what the IUOE Constitution says and stands for?
2. General President Giblin and the IUOE General Executive Board enforce the IUOE Constitution on the members on a near daily basis in almost all their decisions. Do they now get to pick and choose?
3. In the IUOE Constitution Article V Section 1 “Power and Duties of the General Executive Board” the Constitution clearly says the following.


Art.V. Section 1. The General Executive Board shall consist of the
General President, General Secretary-Treasurer, First General
Vice President, Second General Vice President, Third General Vice President,
Fourth General Vice President, Fifth General Vice President, Sixth General Vice
President, Seventh General Vice President, Eighth General Vice President, Ninth
General Vice President, Tenth General Vice President, Eleventh General Vice
President, Twelfth General Vice President, Thirteenth General Vice President,
Fourteenth General Vice President, and each member of the Board shall be
provided with an official seal.

    3. The word “shall” does not give the General President nor the General Executive Board     the option to fill vacancies or not. These vacancies must be filled.
    4. The next question is, are the actions taken by the General Executive Board after this decision (August 31, 2009) in violation of the IUOE Constitution and are the actions by the IUOE General Executive Board enforceable?
    5. But the most important question seems to be is President Giblin stalling the seating of these seats because he has run out of controllable goons to do his bidding. Is he afraid the 2 newbie's would disrupt the royal court at a time when the Feds are hot on his sons criminal case and his old local? Or does he just have a complete disregard for the rights of the membership entirely? Once again Union Democracy loses.

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Ethics? What Ethics?


In a Democratic union be it local or International you would think that all locals and members would be treated equal. You would think. Apparently and not surprisingly President Giblin cares neither for union democracy or equality. On September 18th, 2009 king Giblin issued a letter to the members of Local 501 ordering an investigation of that Local for many issues. One good thing is that maybe just maybe he is trying to nip corruption in the bud, but more likely this is an axe to grind issue. This is for sure a issue of hypocritical dictatorship. In November of 2006 the entire executive board of Local 150 except for one sent a letter to Vince Giblin pleading for an investigation into the shenanigans of the then President Bill Dugan. Many of the charges were exactly the same as that contained in the letter from Giblin to local 501. The difference is that the letter he sent back to the members of local 150 was very indifferent and a slap in the face because the person being asked to investigate was then current 2nd VP of the IUOE. The person under investigation in the local 501 case happens to be on the outs with the Giblin regime and seems to be fair game for the DC thugs. But the bigger question the membership should be asking is why he hell isn't he sending investigation letters to IUOE Local 68. Oh that's right its his old local and the one that his son and brother control. The local his son was arrested at and charged with embezzlement and bribery. Where is the letter to that local? Has Dennis been removed from office? Is his brother under investigation? Where is our ethics officer? Where the hell is the justice in the IUOE?


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More on labor’s lasting quest for ethical practices: from the Operating Engineers

(reprinted with permission)

    James R. Zazzali, a former New Jersey State judge with many other impressive credentials, has been selected by Andy Stern to preside over a mixed committee of eminent citizens and SEIU officials charged with the task of developing a code of ethics cogent enough to discourage SEIU representatives from misappropriating union money. The question is whether it is fair to burden him with so heavy a responsibility, one that could require intense concentration and a heavy investment of time. The problem is that Judge Zazzali is already occupied with his job as a staff member of the International Union of Operating Engineers. Earlier this year, he was hired, or retained, as the IUOE Ethics Officer to enforce its newly strengthened Code of Ethics, which he had drafted. Fulfilling just that responsibility alone could put anyone under an intolerable strain because there is so much to do.
The IUOE Code, according to its International President Vincent J. Giblin, "applies to the International Union, all locals unions, all other subordinate bodies [etc] ...." Giblin himself received $181,900 in salaries from Blue Cross, a union vendor. One would imagine that an urgent task facing an ethics officer would be to decide whether the code covers something like that. And a lot of other annoying matters are probably piling up at the ethics officer's inbox.
    IUOE Local 14 in New York City: This crane operators local was accused in federal court of domination by organized crime and has just agreed to oversight by court-appointed monitors for the next five years.
    Local 825 in New Jersey: According to Jim Thomas, a retired operating engineer who keeps in touch with members around the country, retired members of the 7,000-member Local 825 had been pressing Giblin for action against corrupt local officers, but without success. But federal authorities were not inactive. In September, former local president Peter Strannemar was sentenced to 27 months in prison for taking bribes and for tax evasion. He and a colluding business raked in $112,000. In October, Kenneth Campbell pleaded guilty of collecting over $250,000 in bribes and of taking other thousands from the union treasury for personal use. New Jersey’s The Star-Ledger reported that he agreed to the government's seizure of $200,000 that had been collected "to finance his bid to be re-elected as the local's business manager." He had also been an IUOE vice president.
    Local 150 in Illinois and Indiana: Two local members, Peter and Daniel Pena, are suing in federal court charging that contractors paid $25,000 in bribes to local union representatives to allow the company to underpay them and to cheat various union funds. In September this year, the U.S. Labor Department sued to void the local's 2007 election of officers, charging that both union and employer resources were used to support the incumbent slate. Election-related events fall within the ethics officer's area of responsibility because the ethics code requires the protection of members' democratic rights. Last year, six local members charged that for 15 years, the former business manager had forced the 125 employees of this 20,000-member local to kick back $100 a month into his personal "Christmas Fund."
    Local 3 in California: When Dan Doser, former business manager of this 40,000-member local retired in 2004, he took miscellaneous payments ---"severance" and others --- variously estimated as $750,000 or $625,000. The payments triggered a two-year battle in the local over whether the payments were justified and whether they were properly authorized. A 60-page lawyer's report concluded that the objectors were mostly correct, leading to a change in local administration and a local court suit against Doser which dragged out until 2007, when he was ordered to repay $500,760, including interest; he forfeited $925,313 in future pension benefits. These events transpired before Zazzali was appointed, but he might feel it prudent to keep an eye on the local. (Local 3 was a prime suspect in the 1957 McClellan hearings.)
With all that on his desk, Zazzali has to keep his mind on his new SEIU obligations. It would be instructive if he would report on how the IUOE’s new ethical code helped him address some of these ethical problems in that, his own, union.
A new reinforced SEIU ethical practices code would add to the store of codes that are proliferating in the labor movement. As a growth industry, codes came to attention back in 1957 with the now-forgotten AFL-CIO Ethical Practices Code. The UAW, AFSCME, the Laborers and others that don't immediately come to mind have excellent codes. When Brian McLaughlin, then New York City Central Labor Council president, was caught stealing hundreds of thousands of union and others dollars, the council decided to come up with a code of its own. Vincent Giblin writes about his own IUOE code, "Ethical behavior essentially comes down to a matter of common sense." This multitude of codes adorns common sense in party clothes wrapped in holiday ribbons. Not homilies in codes but enforcement. That will be Zazzali’s real challenge.

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IUOE Local 324 member expresses his plight!


Would like to stay just a concern member

Just would like to comment about John Hamilton 324 business manager.

324 is not suppose to be a hiring hall and we as members can seek work on are own but it seems that when you go looking specially at the big jobs your told that they have to hire from the hall. Seems like there are a lot of agreements out there that have names like the Presidential agreement but try to get a copy and no one from the hall can give you one or knows where to get a copy. These agreements have a favoring to the in crowd from the looks of things. Mr. Hamilton says he wants to protect 324 members’ jobs but in the Aug/Sept newsletter there a group photo of a member from 181, while on the referral list (not a hiring hall list which they say we are not) there are men and women from 324 sitting home. Calling different locals thru-out the states it just as bad out there but we need to protect the Michigan 324 member first. Than there is the thing of down sizing when he first took the job started to streamline now we have more on the payroll than when Mr. Hamilton took the position. That is just my opinion which my wife says you should say something at the meetings but if you go to the mic at a meeting you might as well forget getting anything for sure.


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What is wrong with my Local? My IUOE? The answer is here!



A report by


(read this important document now, and see why democracy is dead in the IUOE)

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Association For Union Democracy exposes corruption and inaction in the IUOE

Friday August 29, 2008

This Article is from the Association for Union Democracy, “Union Democracy Review” #174, July/August 2008 (reproduced with permission)

Action and inaction in the Operating Engineers

 Think of a town that's plagued by deaths, arson, and robberies, and yet the mayor and police don't seem to have the time or inclination to do anything about it because they are preoccupied by a campaign to stop residents from cluttering up the streets by passing out unauthorized handbills. That act of imagination could prepare you for these events in the International Union of Operating Engineers:


Local 150: Take the 22,000-member Local 150, which represents operators of heavy construction equipment in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. In August last year, William Dugan, the incumbent president-business manager, was opposed by a rival slate. The insurgents set up their own campaign website. The international office, moving against what it perceived as this acute threat to the union's well-being, announced a new policy that made the website unauthorized. From now on, candidates could establish a website only if they restricted access to members and barred all others with a secret password system. The grave danger, the international union attorney explained, was that information about the union might leak out to employers. And so the international acted swiftly and decisively to protect the union against a possibility, hypothetical and remote. Soon after, Local 150 was overwhelmed by an avalanche of a different kind of harmful information. But this time the international lacked the time or inclination to act. Dugan headed the local for some 20 years and in that August election, he won by 8,202 to 5,329; but he never served out the term. In June this year, motivated, he said, by his wife's ill health, he retired. Actually, he resigned during federal investigations into charges of criminal misuse of union resources and of improper practices during the August 2007 election. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that, on May 30, 2008, federal agents had raided Dugan properties in Maryland in the course of an investigation. Federal action was prompted, in part, by a private suit in January 2007 against Dugan by six members of Local 150; four are former business agents; all supported Joe Ward, the local treasurer who ran against Dugan in August 2007. They charged that for fifteen years, Dugan had forced some 125 local employees to kickback $100 a month into what he called a "Christmas Fund" which he personally controlled without accountability to anyone. Since he had the right to hire and fire, they felt compelled to comply. The six charged also that Dugan used local resources and staff for his farm in Maryland and a tavern he owned. Dugan denied the charges, insisting that the fund was voluntary, that the money was expended in the members' interests, and that he had reimbursed the local for expenditures on his own behalf. His supporters have filed a kind of countersuit against Joe Ward, accusing him of self-dealing in a 12 year old union land transaction, which Ward denies and rejects as politically contrived. (Meanwhile, a complaint by the Ward slate against the August 2007 election is pending before the U.S. Labor Department. The charges are familiar and, as always, must meet the burden of proof: that stewards had collected and voted mail ballots, that ballot secrecy was compromised, union resources used on behalf of incumbents, hiring hall referrals manipulated in exchange for votes.) On July 24, came a new blockbuster, a federal private suit filed under the RICO statute by Peter and Daniel Pena, both Local 150 members. They charge that a contractor had paid $25,000 in bribes to officials of Local 150 to allow the company to underpay the Penas and to cheat union insurance funds. According to the complaint, a union auditing firm reported that the firm had underpaid the Penas by $110,546 in past wages and owed the pension and welfare funds $52,740; but, after taking the bribes, the union reps allowed the company to reduce payments to the Penas to $27,637 and the fund payments to $8,865. At one deposition, Steve Cisco, the local recording secretary, took the Fifth Amendment in answer to questions about those bribes. And so the Local 150 story is depressing and devious. Who took or stole what or anything and from whom if anyone? These are surely important questions. What is at least as important is this fact: an international union leadership which is alert to limit the simple rights of its members on the internet, is asleep at the switch in the face of basic challenges to union integrity. If you are charged with stealing money, no need to worry about international intervention. But if you clutter up the internet with a website, watch out!


    Local 793 in Toronto, Ontario: When Monti Rose decided to run for local president against the incumbent in early 2008, he hired Don Styles, an apprentice engineer, to set up his campaign website. Rose had been a local member for 18 years, worked on heavy construction equipment, and served the union as an organizer and in other positions. Like other young workers, Styles is computer and internet savvy. To his surprise, Styles was directed by the local business manager to shut down the site. Neither Styles nor Rose had ever heard about the international's new requirement for a membership password. Styles replied that as Rose's employed agent he was not authorized to close the site. Nevertheless, Rose acted promptly to comply with the spirit of the ruling without losing the use of his site during the campaign. The site was modified with a clear notice that only members were authorized to click on it for information. It was not good enough. The incumbent local president filed disciplinary charges against both Rose and Styles. Trial is set to begin in mid-September.       


     Local 825 in New Jersey: In March, the business manager and former president were indicted on federal charge of taking bribes of more than $110,00 to permit contractors to use non-union labor and enjoy "labor peace." Last year, state prosecutors charged that a Gambino family member was manipulating local finances and took a $20,000 bribe from a contractor who wanted to avoid hiring local members. However, no danger threatened from any rank and file website. There was no public expression of interest from the international.


    Locals 14 and 15 in New York: The two locals, which share a hiring hall, were accused in federal court of domination by organized crime back in November 2004. Tom Robbins wrote in the Village Voice, “So far, 39 individuals, including Thomas Maguire, former head of Local 15 and Joseph Rizzuto, Sr., who was leader of Local 14, have pled guilty. Rizzuto ...describing routine payoffs between major construction firms and mob-tied officials." A month later, five top executives of construction companies were indicted on charges of bribing union officials. This summer the scandal that has been New York construction in general and heavy construction in particular erupted in all its shame when two heavy cranes collapsed in crowded Manhattan killing workers and bystanders and crushing neighborhood residential apartments. A hurried investigation followed revealing a pattern of corruption in inspection, violation of safety standards, and fraud in the issuance of licenses. These events prodded federal law authorities into action. Under pressure of these events Local 14, the union of crane operators, consented to government oversight. Two monitors appointed by Federal Judge Sterling Johnson will police the union for at least five years to get rid of organized crime. In all this time, nothing heard from the international. No problem; the threat came only from racketeers, not from a dangerous rank-and-file internet. Herman Benson / AUD

PS: A significant hiring hall reform in Operating Engineers L. 14

Someone in the Justice Department seems to know what he/she is doing. To combat hiring hall corruption and favoritism, the government insists that, from now on, any request by an employer to hire a particular worker by name must be made in writing. This is no small thing. Many construction contracts give employers the right to request a worker by name, in which case that worker skips ahead of everyone else on the hiring list and goes right to work. Unscrupulous union officials misuse that practice to reward their friends and punish critics. If you protest when they refer a crony out to the best jobs, even though you are way ahead on the list, the union agent simply claims that the employer requested his buddy. That claim could be a crude lie; but without documentary proof required, how can you prove it? However, the new rule must be more than enacted. It must be enforced to make a difference.


Brothers and Sisters don't we deserve a better IUOE?


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Buffalo Chips fly as Federal Agents Raid the Maryland Empire of IUOE 2nd Vice President William E. Dugan


Friday, May 30, 2008


Well the chickens are finally coming home to roost at the buffalo ranch of William E Dugan. Federal officers armed and with search warrants swarmed over Hancock Maryland searching for clues in the ongoing federal criminal investigation. The Chicago Sun Times reported today that Dugan owns a combination hunting/fishing shop and tavern in downtown Hancock -- a town of about 1,700 that's 100 miles northwest of Baltimore near the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line. His buffalo ranch is on the outskirts of town. Dugan continually sued his election opponent Joe Ward and accused him of wrongdoing with the members money only to find himself the only one under federal criminal investigation. To add to the IUOE 2nd Vice Presidents woes 2 separate lawsuits were filed in federal court on Wednesday May 28th, 2008. One against Local 150 and another against the Local 150 apprenticeship program accusing Local 150 and Chief Counsel Dale Pierson of refusing to hand over documents relevant to an ongoing USDOL investigation into election fraud by Dugan and the United Engineers Party. These documents were subpoenaed by the USDOL in March of this year and were continually refused by Local 150. What comes around goes around.


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Giblin request meeting over IUOE Local 825 International Supervision.


May 20, 2008


Letters went out to the members of IUOE Local 825 on May 7th to alert them of a hearing to be held by the IUOE over the scandal plagued union. The hearing is to be held on a Thursday at 9AM, wow talk about member inconsideration. I'm pretty sure most members work during those hours, except of course for Kenneth Campbell's ghost patrollers.  I believe this is the usual procedure Giblin uses to cover his ass when trouble erupts and he needs to protect control over any given local. He claims the Local executive Bd. pleaded for his intervention. When all the top cats are arrested or indicted does he expect the membership to believe that the remaining executive board is squeaky clean? IUOE watch have received many letters from good hard working members of 825 asking for help and guidance. The unfortunate thing is that they have to be told that the IUOE constitution and their bylaws protect the top of the IUOE food chain not the bottom. The rules are written for absolute control not Democratic unionism. For all you good and hard working members of 825 keep the faith and give em hell. (click here to read Giblins letter)


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IUOE Local 324 Pension Fund on shaky ground?

from mq

April 14, 2008


The USDOL is suing Fifth Third Bank on behalf of the members of IUOE Local 324 to recoup approximately 25 million dollars in a bad investment on the 1001 Woodward building in downtown Detroit. Members should be asking where were our pension fund trustees? Why was this travesty allowed this to happen and no one said anything until the D.O.L. stepped in years later. Where is the transparency, the honesty, the truth? There is also another case with AA Capital that screwed the fund for millions. Were the heck were our trustees?

While President John Hamilton says in his Business Managers Report, all is well with 1001 Woodward. Members need to be asking who is AA Capital Partners, Inc. and who are they related to in the local union or international? Then ask who is managing our funds now? All the while Mr. Hamilton claims all is well, the Pension Plan for local 324 does not look very good from the members standpoint. As one members tells it, the monthly payment was based on 3.3 %of what was paid in. For example if a member paid in 100.oo the member would receive $3.33 per month on retirement at 3.3% Under the new formula the member would only receive 1.5% credit for money paid in to the fund, IE. 100.00 paid in = 1.50 per month. As you can see members now have to work twice as long to get the same benefit we used to have. Its a shame that its always the member who suffers when the ones on top screw up. You would think that President Hamilton would donate his $60,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield board of directors salary to help the retirees with their $810. per month self payment for health Insurance. I thought when we elected our union leaders they were here to run our local and our union business full time, not get paid thousands upon their already hundreds of thousand in salary from the local (LM2 324-2007) and the International (LM2 IUOE 2007). Hamilton received $78,556 from the IUOE as VP and Executive Board Member, $198,578 from local 324 and another $60,000 from Blue Cross Blue Shield (oh by the way can you name another IUOE officer that was on the Blue Cross pay role while drawing a full salary from the members?), that's a total of $337,134 not bad. You see even while the members continue to struggle they never do and unfortunately our IUOE leaders never seem to go down with the ship, just the members. Check out the links below to see what's really going on with 1001 Woodward.








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Freedom of speech stolen with IUOE members own dues money.


From mq

April 11,2008


IUOE General President Vince Giblin and his anointed executive board spent well over $200,000 in members dues money in 2007 to take away union democracy and quietly threaten and coerce union members. Using a high powered Washington DC law firm that touts on it's web site the "we have been characterized as “the voice of labor,” sure as hell doesn't know what an operating engineer life is all about. Isn't it amazing how a small group of letters or numbers can have such a brutally chilling affect on people, a password, a simple password that a person enters, yet never ever knows whose watching chills one to the core. How many members passed on clicking enter instead of choosing to be informed because they were scared? How many members didn't vote in a local election because they had to sign one of the ballot envelopes? They say justice is blind, but I didn't realize it was stupid too. In what I believe to be an insanely dumb and reckless decision the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of Columbia ruled in favor of big brother union taking away the rights of members to surf the internet freely and without coercion simply because big brother international union is scared to death of new and emerging technologies that tell the truth at the speed of light, and light up the dark, dank think tanks of the anointed not elected leaders of our international union like never before. In a one page statement the court found in favor of the IUOE in what I believe was a travesty for every union members in this country. The internet is the last free space where a citizen member can criticize, challenge, and possibly even win an election against the forces of evil that exist in every bylaw and constitution in the IUOE international or local. Brother and Sister members the deck is stacked against you unless we start challenging what is going on around us, if we don't we will forever be slaves to the IUOE and they will forever use your dues as their personal piggy bank. This union belongs to the membership, not the dictatorship, yet if you take the time to read the rules, you lose. Let your voice be heard, fight back. One member, one vote!


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How much should a IUOE General Executive Board meeting Cost?


From mq

April 10,2008


That’s a simple enough question. I think its so simple I dare Vincent Giblin to give the 400,000 members of the IUOE a simple answer. In fact I challenge every one of these Vice Presidents and Executive Board Members, William C. Waggoner, William E. Dugan, Jim McLaughlin, Brian E. Hickey, Gary Kroeker, John M. Hamilton, Allan B. Darr, Kenneth Campbell (indicted), Patrick L. Sink, William K. Duffy, Gerald Ellis, Jerry Kalmar, Philip Schloop, Russell E. Burns, and these trustees Mark Holliday, John T. Ahern, Mike Gallagher, Rodger Kaminski, Kuba Brown to give every member of the IUOE a simple answer on how do you spend $898,303 on a Executive Board meeting? The meeting I am referring to happened in March of 2007 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa one of the most expensive hotels and golf courses in all of the Phoenix area. Hasn't anyone ever heard of conference calls, Teleconferencing? Email? I know for a fact the IUOE has a conference room, and could build a bigger one for that kind of money. Why in the sam hill should the members pay these incompetent nincompoops for this exorbitant lifestyle? Did they tear down all the Red Roof Inns in Phoenix? This is the most incredible waste of members dues resources I have ever seen, all the while these boobs are in Phoenix the scabs work around every corner in DC, the bastion of the International Union is a cesspool of scabs and non-union contractors, maybe that’s why they got out of town.


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How much more corruption can the IUOE stand?


From mq

April 9,2008


IUOE Local 68  office raided by Federal agents. Local 68 is the local of Tom Giblin and brother of IUOE President Vince Giblin. IUOE 2nd Vice President and President of Local 150 Dugan under investigation by the FBI, Ex Local  3 Business Manager Doser being sued by members to recoup improper payments, 8th IUOE Vice President and Business Manager of Local 825 Kenneth Campbell was indicted along with others, Emeritus Frank Hanley under investigation for suspicion of selling a VP spot, and yesterday 4-8-08 12 union officers and members of IUOE Local 17 were indicted in New York for extortion. How much more can we stand. When the hell is Vince Giblin going to do something about this stink that smells all the way to 1125 17th Street, NW Washington, D.C. The members of this great Union deserve better. We need one man one vote to get rid of the dictatorship that continues to pass the job to the next guy. We need to change the constitution to reflect real union democracy not protectionism. We need for the newly elected delegates to this 37th IUOE convention in Las Vegas to step up and vote these IUOE non leaders out of office now!!!


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The IUOE Transparency fantasy


From mq

Date 25 Jan 2008


First we are going to have change and transparency at the IUOE, now it looks like all we are going to get is a changed minds. Read this.


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Unprecedented greed at the iuoe.

From mq

Date 17 Jan 2008


Click here to see what the IUOE hogs are feeding on.

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New Townhouse in DC, everyone invited? Probably not!

From: mq

Date 17 Jan 2008


Imagine my surprise when perusing through the latest LM2 2006 from the IUOE. We have a brand new Townhouse located in Washington DC, valued at $1,610,495. I am sure that must mean that the next time a brother or sister is in DC he or she has a place to stay for free? Or will it only be for our elite leadership that already make hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and cant afford a cheap hotel in DC. Oh well I am sure all the Operators sitting on the out of work list this spring will be happy our overpaid leadership will have a nice place to lay their head. Oh by the way if any of you members saw the news of this new purchase in any of our open and transparent publications please let me know, I could have missed it.


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A Good Idea Who's' Time Has Come
From: DavisBacon150
Date: 13 Oct 2007
Finally a place for opinions. I have to say, if there is one thing that operators can do and do well, it's bitch, whine and complain...wait that's three things. I wish you well with this website and hope we get some good input from other dues paying members about what's going on in their local.


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iuoe transparency?
From: mq
Date: 19 Oct 2007
In the fall 2007 issue of the IUOE magazine, our general president says we are now going to have transparency. "We intend to propose the removal of the position of President Emeritus from the IUOE constitution." He said it served no purpose! Does that means the members of this union will get back the $400,000 plus that Frank Hanley took from this position after he retired? He also proposes to set the salaries at the IUOE convention, is that so a majority of the foxes in the henhouse can be blamed instead of just the foxes at the top??

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Who the hell are we? Are we union? Are we democrat?
From: mq
Date: 23 Oct 2007
Senate Democrats (labors friends?) voted 47-46 to cut 2 million dollars from the DOL budget, in particular the OLMS division. This group of people actually look out for the interest of union members by requiring the LM2 form to be submitted by union leadership. This form shows where your union dues money is spent and has been criticized by unions for years. However it also shows how much of the members dues money is being spent and where. Last year the Food and Commercial Workers Local Union 1 spent $26,000 of members' dues on rounds of golf for the bosses. Others spent $3 million on bills for hotels. Jimmy Warren, Treasurer of the Steelworkers and AFL-CIO makes $825,262 a year, while Don Hunsucker, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1288, earns $679,949 a year. Our own Vince Giblin makes over $380,000 and just voted themselves another raise. These same people criticize overpaid CEO's. More importantly the OLMS monitors Union corruption across the country and there is plenty, including the IUOE. Since 2001, Labor referrals to U.S. Attorneys have resulted in more than 800 convictions and some $102 million in restitution paid to union members. The vote was almost entirely along party lines, with 45 Democrats voting to cut the money. Only two Republicans went along: Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Ted Stevens of Alaska. Apparently they believe accountability is fine for the CEO's, but not for their pals in Big Labor.

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there is hope
From: mq
Date: 30 Oct 2007
For those of you who don't live in the Chicago area this news is very uplifting. Even though it involves no operating engineers it goes to show that there is hope when people try to steal elections like they tried to do in Teamsters Local 743. Well guess what they got caught and will hopefully end up in prison. So keep on trucking TEAM 150 it ain't over yet. You can read both articles here.

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How much is enough Giblin?
From: mq
Date: 14 Nov 2007
How much is enough Giblin? From: mq Date: 13 Nov 2007 Time: 20:07:58 -0700 Remote Name: Comments How much is enough for these greedy sob's. While the housing market shrinks and IUOE jobs disappear across the country these self anointed kings are not satisfied with the $300,000 plus salaries paid to them by OE's grubbing out a living, they have to suck off the corporate trough as well. IUOE President Vincent J Giblin had to report, on LM-30, that he had received $181,900 in salaries from Blue Cross, a union vendor. However, the Lawyers decision in Local 237 is not the ruling of a law enforcement authority but a private finding. The form is on file with the Labor Department, which will have to decide what to do about it.


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