"....I keep my eyes wide open all the time..."

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

There is a movement afoot in this great Union of ours. It is a movement that is long overdue. The Members of the International Union of Operating Engineers are taking back their Unions! 

For far too long we have bowed down to the folks who run and control this organization, and finally we have had enough! Now some of you have asked, "How does this effect my Union?" So I thought I'd bring you all up to speed in one LONG e-mail. So grab a cup of Joe and sit back and read! By the time you're done, I think you'll agree that something is blowing in the wind, for the RIGHT reasons!

This little e-mail started out several years ago to inform the members of Local 501 about the truth of their "International Monitorship". A monitorship imposed by politics, corruption, lies, and revenge. During that monitorship the International placed its own choices in power, removed our elected officials, and their cronies bankrupted our Union! A once great organization stands on the brink, all because of International influence!

But a funny thing happened on the way to getting what they wanted! The MEMBERS said, "ENOUGH"! With a little help from their pal Johnny, we got the truth out! There's a funny thing about truth...most of us WANT IT! So as these e-mails went out we picked up a few more from outside Locals who wanted to know what was really going on. In the beginning it was just a few here and there...and a few more...and a few more! Now this e-mail chain reaches from coast to coast and talks to members from Local Unions all over the country! And guess what? THEY'VE HAD ENOUGH TOO!

Now don't get me wrong, there are some GREAT Business Managers out there! Some honest ones. Some even communicate with ol' Johnny (your secret is safe with me fellas), but then...there are the other ones! The ones who rule their Locals with an iron fist! Handed down from generation to generation. Blackballing anyone who would rock the boat!

...and of course the International itself.

Here's a little known fact: Did you know in 117 years the International Union of Operating Engineers has NEVER elected its General President of General Executive Board? Oh, we go through the "election process" at those darned ol' General Conventions (this year in April will be the latest lie), but there is always, ALWAYS a white ballot! No one runs against these guys!!!

"So what Johnny, what does that have to do with me?"

Well, if you've been paying attention (I bet you haven't though) our General Executive Board has been discussing the formation of "Regional Councils" for the past several years! "What's a Regional Council Johnny?" Ok, ok, I'm getting there....Anyone ever heard of Doug McCarron? He's the General President of the Carpenters Union! Now about a decade ago ol' Dangerous Doug McCarron took over the Carpenters and made Regional Councils. The effect they had was the elimination of Local Union Elections!

"What did you say Johnny?"

Yeah, you heard me right, NO MORE LOCAL UNION ELECTIONS! Oh, they still have "elections" but the way this works is the Regional Council vets the candidates and you can vote for. Once they SELECT them you can either Candidate "A" or Candidate "B", all conveniently supplied by your Regional Council. That's it, no more choice, no more voice.

But that's not the end of it. Most of you know about the IUOE Ethics Officer. What you may NOT know is how much you're paying him. You won't find the bill, or the salary discussed ANYWHERE in our Constitution, nor in your Local By-Laws. No, our General Executive Board decided all by themselves that he should get paid $360,000 a year....PLUS expenses. Now again, I want you to keep in mind he IS NOT a full-time employee! Turns out he works for the SEIU as well! I understand he makes as much over there too! Not a bad gig! $360,000 a year for a part-time job? Don't tell the folks at Wal-Mart!

And just what does he investigate? Well, it turns out that when several members of corrupt organizations in New York were arrested under Federal Racketeering charges, he didn't investigate that. In fact, no re[port from our $360,000 "Ethics" Officer was ever even offered up. Those folks went to prison, or were given Federal Probation orders but our Ethics Guru was silent. He did have the time to investigate "anonymous" letters at Local 501. These letters lead to an investigation that removed several elected officers! Of course over the legal battle that ensued they were cleared of ALL CHARGES! Did we hear from the "Ethics Officer" then? No, again he was silent. Or how about when the President of Local 68, one Dennis Giblin, son of then General President Vinnie "Boom Boom" Giblin was convicted of fraud and embezzlement, was our $360,000 Ethics Guru there? Nope, again, he was preoccupied investigating something else.

Look, we all know the Gestapo when we see it. The difference here is you're the folks PAYING FOR THE SERVICE! Think they'll eliminate that office at the General Convention? Probably not.

I know this is getting long, but there are two more things that you should know. 

First, in the 2012 National Election cycle there were over 20,000 official donators to election campaigns. The list of donators is pretty impressive, Exxon, Mobile, Apple, Microsoft, and of course we all know the Koch Brothers and well, thousands more. What you may NOT know is that in that list of over 20,000 political donors the International union of Operating Engineers ranked 28th! Yes, 28th! That's a pretty impressive feat for a union with just over 400,000 members! And how much did we contribute? Well, over SIX MILLION DOLLARS! Yes boys and girls you paid over SIX MILLION DOLLARS TO POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS last year! With that kind of political contribution you could probably buy a lot of influence out in Washington D.C.

Oh, anybody heard that our Legal Council Richard Griffin was appointed to the National Labor Relations Board by President Obama?

Now let me ask you a serious question: With all the lawyers wandering around Washington D.C. and the rest of the country, why would the President of the United States reach into the International Union of Operating Engineers, a union with known connections to the Gambino, Columbo, and Genovese crime families, and pick a lawyer from there? That may be the SIX MILLION DOLLAR question, huh? Oh, and by the way, the crime family names I got from a quick search of Federal Crimes prosecuted against the IUOE, so I'm not making that one up!

The other thing you need to know about is a few Class-Action lawsuits that have been filed. Yes, back here on the West Coast some very brave members did more that "have enough", they actually DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Federal RICO cases were filed in court against the International Union. Now in case you don't know RICO is the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and is intended to break up criminal organizations. I am trying to find a way to send out these cases so you can read them yourselves, but they are so big, and so detailed my server won't send them! Now just because someone is accused of something, doesn't make them guilty! I want you all to remember that all of us are "Innocent until PROVEN guilty", but, if you can get a look at these court cases, I strongly recommend you do so!

What all of us as Operating Engineers needs to keep in mind is this: Only by sticking together, and working together can we TAKE BACK OUR UNIONS! 

We don't need a governing elite class telling us what's in our best interests! WE BUILT THESE UNIONS! Somehow we lost control and it became a game of "Us and Them" with "them" being the folks who run our Unions! We are afraid to run for office! Afraid we will be blackballed! Afraid of the consequences if we stand up!

Well NO MORE! The Resistance has begun! We will FIGHT to take back our Unions! So that they can be run BY THE MEMBERS, FOR THE MEMBERS, AND OF THE MEMBERS!

I will do my best to get those RICO cases out to you, but you need to start looking around. Start communicating! Start talking to the other members of your Union.

I have chosen the moniker of "Johnny, The Man in Black" because of the great song "The Man In Black". We have chosen to wear black so that we shall never forget those who stand, and fight! Represent brothers and sisters! Wear the black! Let them know where YOU stand! On the side of RIGHT!

I hope that answers your question: "How does this effect MY Union Johnny?"

We are all in this battle. 

We are the Union!


See you soon,

I'll be the man in black,




Here are the RICO cases I mentioned above, try not to throw up on your keyboard. They are large files and may take some time to load.

IUOE RICO Local 501 amended #1

IUOE RICO Local 501 amended #2

IUOE RICO Local 12