Herr Callahan Invokes Giblin Gestapo Tactic

Just like his cowardly predecessor, the new IUOE General President sticks his nose into another locals business in an effort to stifle the voices of dues paying operating engineers and protect their ass kissing overpaid executive board. This time he takes a section of playbook from the radical muslims of the middle east in an effort to silence a resistance movement gaining speed faster than a speeding bullet. Using an old 2007 resolution from the Giblin era he claims even social media is taboo for members expressing their displeasure with its current regime or any regime that isn't blessed by the cronies from DC. What's next, password protect the cell phone, no talking at meetings, no thinking bad thoughts about the crooks in DC?? Where is our free speech? Where is union democracy? Does our union dues free us or shackle us? Instead of ridding the IUOE of mafia interns, kickback schemes, and padding their overpaid lazy asses they choose to keep members from choosing their own destiny, if I didn't know better I would think that the IUOE members were in another country with a  muslim dictator reining terror on its dues paying citizens. What are they afraid of? Brothers and Sisters stay the course, fight to the end, resist!



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