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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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IUOE watch is about you, the operating engineer! It's about insuring that you as a single member of an large International Union and your ability to have his or her voice heard will be guaranteed by Union Democracy. My name is Mike Quigley. I began my career as an operating engineer in 1964 with the 1st Engineer Battalion of the USMC. I started my career as a union operator in 1968. My home Local is 150 out of Countryside Illinois. I worked my heavy equipment career as a heavy highway operator, in the underground and paving industry. I was a steward on a few jobs. I was appointed and went to work as a business agent for  Local 150 in 1987 and served for 13 years, I was then appointed executive director for the IIIFFC, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation For Fair Contracting,  a prevailing wage watchdog organization for 6 years until I retired in April of 2006. I also served as President of the Will/Grundy Building Trades Council for ten years, and held public office as a County Board Representative for 12 years. As a lobbyist I have lobbied in Springfield on behalf of our Local and all union members. As an operating engineer for 43 years I have been led down the primrose path carved out by my Local union and the IUOE. All of us think we know what our Local and International is about, but most of us dont know the half of it. I always thought it was a brotherhood established to protect and serve the dues paying members that support it, but alas, after more than 40 years of service I have seen the true reason for its existence. That purpose is the perpetuation of the current leaders and their ability to hand that power and greed down to the next set of leaders who have no accountability to anyone except their own ability to screw the members in their way. When was the last time you can remember an election of any officer within the IUOE? And guess what, you never will. You see the IUOE President and officers are elected by delegates at the IUOE convention every 5 years. The delegates to that convention are elected by the members of the Local union, the local union is controlled by the business manager of that local. The president of the local is under pressure from the IUOE president to make sure his delegates vote for him. Why do you think the IUOE Vice Presidents, who are also the members of the IUOE General Executive Board, are from the largest Locals in the International? Could it be that they control the largest amount of delegate votes, thus insuring that the incumbent IUOE president never loses? These are some of the bad things about our IUOE that need changing, there are also many good things. We are truly the best International, and I have always been proud of that. But I cannot and will not let this administration get away with wasting union funds and abusing hard working members. This is a little of what IUOE watch is about. This website will continue protesting our leaderships dictatorial decisions and hopefully start a small revolution providing a transparent democratic union and a forum for all members of the IUOE.*******