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March 2, 2015




David Hart, a former International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) official, pleaded guilty to charges he participated in an extortion cover-up by another union official, dubbed “Union Official A,” according to a law enforcement official release announced last week. The 42-year-old Hart, of East China Township, Michigan, served as Financial Secretary and Chief of Staff for Operating Engineers Local 324, a labor union that represents more than 18,000 individuals operating heavy machinery in the State of Michigan.
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July 7, 2013


IUOE Union Corruption Exposed In LA Times


The chickens are coming home to roost as they say. The members of IUOE Local 501 are fed up with union politics as usual and are fighting back hard. Beginning with exposing the kickbacks, nepotism, featherbedding and even death threats, the IUOE is being exposed for the crime family is really seems to be. Every past IUOE president for the last 6 decades come from the mafia ridden east coast, coincidence? Now RICO charges have been filed and the truth starts to emerge. Read the LA Times article and see what your dues money pays for.








January 11, 2013


IUOE's head Lawyer who destroyed IUOE members freedom of speech is in trouble again!



Richard Griffin was the head attorney for the IUOE for  many years. Most of those years saw more corrupt union officers go to court and jail than any time in the history of the IUOE. Many of the heinous crimes against the members were never brought to the light of day even though he had to know about all of them. You can read about most of those cases on this website. Perhaps the worst offense was when Mr. Griffin at the behest of IUOE President Vince Giblin and VP Bill Dugan destroyed the members rights of free speech by mandating Password Protected websites for local elections. Presidential hopefuls, senators and governors can rip their opponents to shreds but god forbid a IUOE member has the freedom to express his opinion to the world. Now Mr. Griffin is in real trouble, being accused of complicity in a scheme to defraud and cover up embezzlement at Local 501 by firing employees who attempted to expose the issue. Once again corruption reigns supreme at the IUOE as members keep paying their dues to Support a $300,000 a year ethics officer  James R Zazalli.


(Read the Wall Street Journal Article here)







January 1, 2013

IUOE Local 94 member stays the course when Hurricane Sandy strikes


The night Hurricane Sandy struck, Eric Leimeister and his crew of a half-dozen strong maintenance team at 80 Pine St. in lower Manhattan watched uneasily as sea water began rising.
What followed next was sheer hell - and stunning heroics.



Read the whole story here







December 12,2012

Rank and file member supports Michigan Brothers at RTW rally, rides motorcycle from Wisconsin.



FRED HIGGINS, out of work rank-and-file member, local 139 (all of Wisconsin), Operating Engineers road his cycle to the Michigan state capital in support of local 324 (all of Michigan), Operating Engineers.
Maybe because boss McGowan is trying to steal local 324s territory, the Upper Peninsula?
Maybe because boss McGowan supported UNION-BUSTING Gov WALKER as he destroyed public-sector unions with Right to Work for less laws.
Maybe because boss McGowan was AFRAID to show his face at a PROTEST of RIGHT to WORK for less laws.
McGowan SUPPORTED BUSTING public sector unions!!!!
Union boss McGowan tells union members that he has a VERBAL PROMISE from the lying, union busting, radical right Republican, career politician WALKER, that Walker will NOT destroy local 139. A VERBAL PROMISE!!!
History Repeats, boss McGowan becomes 2 of 3 three "wise" monkeys - hear and see no evil
Local 150 (IL, IOWA, IN), Operating Engineers claimed to have a PROMISE LETTER of NO Right to Work from IN Gov Mitch Daniels, who passed a local 150 UNION BUSTING law in his last year in office.
Daniels busted public unions his first year in office, 2005. So, the union bosses at local 150 must have just been shocked, that the lying, union destroying, radical right Republican, career politician M Daniels passed a local 150 union busting law. SHOCKING!!! They have a LETTER PROMISE that Daniels would NOT pass Right to Work.
If you believe career politicians like WALKER or McGOWAN or HIS hand picked staff beholden only to him, you deserve who you voted for - a RIGHT to STARVE!!!!

rank-and-file member
Local 139, Operating Engineers






December 12, 2012


Response to "One Pissed off Crane Operator" (this response is to a letter below from an Local 12 operator)


To one pissed off operator,

Brother, you have got some of your facts wrong about Local 12. Local 12 employees have indeed taken pay cuts for the past 3 years. All Business Agents pay was cut 10%, and clerical staff were furloughed one day per week in an effort to cut costs. Further, a number of Agents have retired during the last 3 years and the Local has chosen not to replace some of them until reported hours increases increase sufficiently to warrant the expense.

As for what those staff employees do in slower work periods, they do the same job they do when work is booming. If the Local has 12,000 active members and 15% are unemployed, there is still an average of over 10,000 who are working. Their dues, health & welfare, apprenticeship status, and all other member services the Union has to keep track of must still be done. Agents whose areas abut those of agents who have retired are doing extra duty to cover those areas and doing it for 10% less wages.

The By-Law changes proposed by Local 12 for nominations conforms to provisions within the IUOE International Constitution. Every Local has the choice of doing it the way Local 12 has been doing it, or amending their By-Laws to require nominating petitions from each candidate. A number of Members, me included, have suggested this change on previous occasions. But Bill Wagonner always said that he did not want to create the mistaken impression that they were trying to suppress anyone's genuine candidacy. They finally decided to ask for the change because for over 20 years one certain Local 12 member has gotten himself nominated for office then just sat back and did nothing to try to actually get himself elected. It doesn't matter if one officer position is contested by a candidate, or if all officer positions are contested, an election must be held under the rules of the IUOE Constitution, and US Labor Laws. Such an election will cost the Union in excess of $200,000.00. This individual member has thus forced the Local to spend over a million dollars to accommodate his frivolous candidacies. The concept of requiring nominating petitions is to prevent future frivolous candidacies by forcing the Member running for office to demonstrate the legitimacy and sincerity of his efforts. If you think these elections are not fair and legitimate, I would suggest that you attend the ballot count for the next election. All members in good standing are permitted to attend and see exactly how the votes are tabulated. It is always held on a Saturday and is announced well ahead of time in the Union newsletter. Don't be shy, come on down! There is an upcoming election for delegates to the International Convention, so you might not have to wait three years for the next officer election.

As for supplemental dues, if you paid over $3000.00 in supp dues, you should be jumping up and down with joy, because that means you made a ton of money. Local 12 supp dues are assessed at $1.10 per hour worked, approximately 2.7%. That means you worked at least 2700 hours at about $40.00/ hour. If my math is correct, and I'm not figuring in the premium for overtime, that means you earned well in excess of $110,000.00. As a Business Agent, I did not earn that much despite putting in about 70 hours per week on average.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

K. A. Maylone
Local 12, Retired







November 1, 2012


IUOE accused of running Local like the MOB, RICO Charges filed.


Members Say Bosses Ran Union Like the Mob







September 18, 2012


Local 18 Business Manager Sink not only good at stealing elections but apparently Pensions too!


An ERISA lawsuit has been filed by 14 rank and file members of Ohio Local 18. The suit alleges that the Local Business manager Patrick L. Sink and its trustees and officers failed in their fiduciary responsibility to collect thousands and thousands of dollars in pension contributions from signatory contractors and allowed signatory contractors to use use their alter ego (non union companies) to do work that should have been done by local 18 operating engineers. Wow do you think someone was getting a kickback? By turning a blind eye to collections Sink, who is also an IUOE 3rd Vice President, and his cronies jeopardized the lives and retirement of all the members of local 18. Coming from a guy that surely stole the last union election we should not be surprised. As a retired member I cannot for the life of me understand the greed and arrogance of these pompous buffoons who use the Local, and the IUOE as their own piggybanks and kingdoms. The locals belongs to the members, always has, always will. Just ask Local 324's ex Business Manager John Hamilton what happens when try to rob the members, bye, bye , Johnny.       Bye, bye, Sink.



Read the lawsuit click here



August 8, 2012


Local 324 Business manager John Hamilton Defeated



Doug Stockwell ran on a platform of honesty, transparency, and fiscal responsibility and won. Doug was a rank and file member fed up with the free spending and cronyism  that permeated John Hamilton's local. Doug and the members were tired of the overpaid salaries, Cadillac Escalades, and phony hotel deals. Doug believed in the members, and apparently they believed in him. So to all you overpaid IUOE Business Managers who think your local is your piggy bank, and the members your subjects,  were watching.






February 23, 2012


Dear bothers and sisters of 324,
I received a letter from Tom Scott threatening me for the letters that I have sent to the hall, asking me to stop. Also, for the emails that I have sent to members!
As I do not take threats lightly. Lets try this, when John took this local over we had $10,861,242.00 in cash as of our 2011 LM2's. We only have $338,862.00 left! John's W2 reads more than that! Our net assets when John took over our local where $11,841,580.00. As of the 2011 LM2's is only $5,247,038.00. That my friends is a loss of 6.5 million. Although our e-board felt John deserved a $93,000.00 raise. So now John makes more than the Vice President of the United States. If we add what we pay John ($277,422.00 as of the 2011 LM2's#, his International Vice President pay #$94,368.00#, Blue cross/blue shield pay #$58,892.00), John made more than the PRESIDENT of the United States' salary. I would have to ask, if we are paying John $277,422.00 how John has time for the International and BCBS? I think John is double dipping. When Sam T Hart handed John this local, Hart's salary was only $110,000. The business manager of 547 only made $84,368.00 when we took them over.
We moved out of our Livonia hall because all we had to show for it was rent receipts totaling $13 million. HELLO! We pay that to our pension fund. Who owns the building, when I asked, all Steve Minella had to say at the January General Membership meeting was that "Old dilapidated building." IF IT IS DILAPIDATED THEY LET IT GET THAT WAY! So instead of putting a little money into it, we pay millions for a new building. The big question is how much did we spend on renovations for this new building? Let me remind you, it is only 4 miles from John's house. If John is so against renting, why do we rent a hall from his step brother in St Clair, MI? We just bought 3 Cadillac Escalades for our top 3 officers to drive, but they tell us they need them to tote senators and contractors around. Are our jeeps not good enough? So, are we in the taxi business? When one of the business agents tell you what a great job John is doing, remember they make 1K a year with, a jeep to drive and all the gas they can burn. The business manager of 547 did not make what our agents make. With all the money we have lost since Team Hamilton has been running our local, how do they get up and tell us what a great job he is doing? Now let's talk about union. Now our hall is full of rats because they voted to do away with their union. You lead by example. For gods sake, we are a union, how do we let people working for us stop being a union?
When I ask for expenditures for John and the Local in the General Membership meetings, I don't get answers. I have been told "I don't know" or "I don't recall." So yes, I send registered letters to the hall, but only get bits and pieces. So I wonder if they have something to hide? Or is it that they just don't want the membership to know?
Please, if you care about this Local. E-mail this to members of Local 324 or make copies and hand them out on the jobs to members of Local 324. Until we all know the fleecing of our local, it will not stop .
Sincerely Yours,
Doug Stockwell





Local 12 Members continue cry for Democracy, urge brothers and sisters to take action!


Trains, Jet planes and automobiles all paid for with union dues money is pissing off many a local 12 operating engineer. The pissed off crane operator got it started

and judging from the mail I've gotten many more are joining the revolution. Read the letter from another operator who fears for his life, and talks about beatings and

unresponsive BA's, waste and no work. Attached is also a LM2 report from the USDOL on how your Local 12 dues are being squandered to sustain the high rolling leaders of Local 12.


Another Letter from another pissed off Local 12 operator


Local 12 LM2






This Members Voice echoes same theme throughout the IUOE, we want Democracy!



January 10, 2012


I am a member of local 12 Pasadena, Ca.

At our Dec. general Membership meeting the Bus. Manager In power for the last 40+ years decided to vaguely make mention of a By- Law rule

change coming in the mail. I have found out that they are going to make a change to the election process, by requiring that a nominated

member have 100 signatures from current members in order to run for office. Also they are only going to give 1 month to do this.

Easy for the Incumbent since he's being paid by members to go around and get member signatures while a nominee has to earn a living , so he

doesn't have time to get the required signatures. I know someone mentioned the time frame should be Jan. till June, but of course this

was shot down.

To ensure members pass the new By-Law they tied it together with a new burial fund change giving more death benefits to the recipient.

I think it is illegal to tie the 2 together , we'll have to find out if it passes and take it to the NLRB.

All this to keep the current administration in charge, They ARE SCARED. Rightly so. They ran our medical into the ground after 15

years of good work. They haven't taken pay cuts as we have during the last 3 years. our medical plan is a joke. Funny they expect the

employers pay for a costly plan and say we deserve it, but the union hypocrite leaders when they are losing money and have to make changes

do it on the backs of us members by giving us a cut rate medical plan when they say they cant afford it.

Also for the last 2 years they haven't paid claims timely or at all causing many members to have their credit SCREWED UP. This would have

continued indefinitely if some members didn't contact ERISA who monitors our plan. ERISA forced the union to loan $10 million to our

medical to pay back the back log of claims and are getting a loan to keep the program viable.

Let see:

We gave $4.25 in the last contract back in wages to fix their Screw-up of our medical plan. We pay over $3000.00 a year in supplemental dues when our Union has

obviously more than 10 million dollars sitting in an account somewhere. They buy expensive gas guzzling Chrysler 300's to drive when even we

can't afford the $4.95 gas, let alone a new car. And how come we cant get our cost of driving to the job taken care of in our contract, but

we let them drive 300's to and from their homes even if they live 100 miles away!

Our Pension also has been run into the ground and we are at risk of having an outside entity take it over.

Losing wages to fix managements Mistakes, as we ALL have lost many hours during this recession.

Have any office personnel been laid off like us, they can't have much to do if were not working!

Oh Yea, did I mention the PRIVATE JET we have, you know the ones the Democrats said companies should not use at the cost to their Employees. HYPOCRITES!

I as one Local 12 member am not going to take it anymore!

It's time to make a change, Throw out the Entire HYPOCRITE Management with their Cronieistic, Nepotistical Ideals. Put in Term Limits so this doesn't happen again.

The power needs to get back to the members, after all it is OUR UNION!!!!

1 Pissed Off Crane Operator






January 4, 2012


Local 139 BM Supports Union Buster Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker / Local 150 Supports Right To Work Ind. Gov. Mitch Daniels


What the hell is going on? What are we paying Union Dues for?


Gooch McGowan, IUOE Local 139 Bus. Manger, union boss and 20 year politician, supported Scott Walker for WI governor, and continues to support Gov Walker despite Walker's signing and support of union-busting legislation. Boss McGowan has dragged anti-Walker rank and file members into HIS very vocal and continued public support of Gov Walker.

    Local 139 (all of Wisconsin), International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) pays from local 139 members' union dues, to the AFL-CIO, a union dues affiliation fee. Local 139 union boss Gooch McGowan supported Scott Walker for WI Gov and continues to support now Gov Walker with union dues money i.e. campaign contributions, and paid union staff support. Both the National and Wisconsin AFL-CIO are actively fighting Gov Walker. But not Gooch.

    In Illinois former business manager and convicted criminal Bill Dugan started support for Gov. Mitch Daniels and quoted in the union newspaper that "I defy anyone to tell me that support for these Republicans was not in the best interest Of Local 150's members". Then for almost 8 years Financial Sect. David Fagan continued to coddle and protect this slimy SOB. Well now the perpetual lie of "Governor Mitch Daniels is our friend", has finally come home to roost. Daniels is fully supporting the Right To Work For Less act in Indiana. Leadership of Local 150 at it's lowest level is finally exposed. How do you support and love a guy that on his first week in office terminated the collective bargaining rights of tens of thousands of union public employees? But Local 150 leaders did exactly that, and continued to support and protect this sleaze bag, opportunistic piece of crap. Now 150 members and all union members in Indiana are about to suffer irreparable harm because of their self serving decision making. Not only is Mitch Daniels leading the charge for "right to work" for nothing, but is currently implementing measures to make sure union members can't get in the capitol building to protest this injustice by limiting the number of people allowed in the building during the upcoming legislative session. And you and I paid dues money for this opportunity to get screwed. Happy New Year.








Indiana Gov. Daniels signs 'right to work' bill; protest winds through Super Bowl Village



Department of Labor Sells Out Union Members for Big Labor 1%




The Department of Labor (DOL) doesn’t need to loosen financial disclosure for union bosses to take advantage of union members’ dues. Yet, this is exactly what the Obama administration has done. On October 26, DOL published a regulation that would weaken union members’ protections against fraud and corruption by union leadership.


Read the whole story:






Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Giblin Resignation Insures Mafia East Coast Rule

The abrupt resignation of embroiled IUOE General President Vince Giblin seems fishy at best. How does a man raking in hundreds of thousands of hard earned members dues money walk away from a cash cow, was it the feds? Was it about his convicted corrupt son? Maybe it was his wife that rumor says wants out, or the fact that he was about to go down in flames because of his interference in the election scandal at Local 501 in California where he tried to set up innocent members to ensure his guys would survive? Whatever the reason, and we will find out soon, his resignation, and what happened before that is what members should really worry about. If you paid attention to the last IUOE magazine you would had noticed the elevation of 2 officers in the IUOE chain of command. Anointed to the 14th VP position was Greg Lalevee from local 825, Springfield NJ, the other was James Callahan of Local 15 anointed to the new part time General Sect./Treas. position. These 2 appointments assures the east coast will continue dominate the IUOE. Isn't that just ducky, the 2 most Mafia influenced locals in the US and we get their trash. Sick. The word on the street is that James Callahan will be the anointed IUOE Pres. and Brian Hickey from Local 399, Chicago will be General Sect/Treasurer. The poor dues paying member doesn't have a prayer. Giblin presided over the most corrupt era in the IUOE, with more VP's indicted than ever in the history of the union.






October 20, 2011



Local 501 and Vince Giblin jack slapped by US Department of Labor



Once again the self proclaimed and anointed king of the IUOE has had his lunch handed to him by the USDOL. In a blatant attempt to frame members who spoke out about his cronies Giblin stuck his nose in the members business and it got whacked. The USDOL has sanctioned not just the Local but IUOE as well and the election will have to rerun, one way or another. The USDOL has in its ruling declared the Defendants (Local 501) election for the offices of Business Manager/Recording Secretary, President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee, one Auditor position and Executive Board Member at large 2 to be void. Also directing the Local to conduct a new election, pay the costs of this action, and for other relief as may be appropriate. When will Giblin leave the democracy of the locals to the members? Ill tell you when, when we dethrone the king by a one man one vote election. Get ready boys.


Read the story here:



Background story about the phony charges

USDOL Complaint against the IUOE





September 23, 2011


The Hogs Are Back



Bill Dugan trained, and and politically connected former Local 150 rep. Dennis Gannon and Local 150 VP Jim McNally embarrassed the IUOE, Local 150 and its members this week at a time when Organized Labor is already reeling from Tea Party attacks, cheese head enemas from Wisconsin's Gov. Walker and the all out assault on working men and women everywhere. These two boneheads are claiming they followed the letter of the law when they applied for these outrageous pensions, ok, maybe that's true, but where the hell was their moral compass? And did they have anything to do with writing that law? Where is their compassion for the working operator starving to death on the out of work list. These two mopes knew exactly what they were doing, Gaming the system with the help of their politically connected friends that are addicted to the crack cocaine called IUOE PAC funds. Now Tom Cross the Republican minority leader in Springfield wants to punish these morally perverse idiots. The same Tom Cross that received a $30,000 cash Statesman of The Year Award from Local 150 and a regular recipient of union PAC funds, wow I cant wait to see that punishment. These two mopes are the leaders local 150 members inherited from another Local 150 and IUOE VP crook, Bill Dugan. Wake up members, they only care about themselves, not you!












August 5, 2011


Local 150 shows contempt for it's members, dedicates training facility to a self admitted crook? While members are starving and the union broke this administration asked the Feds to pay Dugan's way here for 3 days and give him gifts with union dues money. Disgusting!


In a complete disrespect for thousand's of operating engineers in local 150 the Sweeney administration chose to dedicate the multi million dollar training facility to the memory of an indicted and self admitted crook, Bill (Buffalo) Dugan. This complete disregard for dues paying operating engineers is irresponsible and unconscionable. This pirate conspired to trick thousands of members to pay for this facility with an exorbitant dues increase that has lasted for years and still exists today. Using thugery and meeting stuffing he garnered the votes to pass a dues increase that members are still paying for today. Not only that, the union entered a plea to the feds to allow the union to pay for him and his family to attend and give him gifts. This is the only President in the history of local 150 to be indicted and confess to criminal action. Union leaders that steal from the members and dishonor their union deserve jail, not platitudes. If this is the type of local we built? Hell no. When are the members going to say enough is enough?? But what can you expect when Dennis Giblin the son of the international IUOE does the same criminal exploits. After you read these documents you will puke.


Unions Plea for Dugan's expenses and gifts.

Chief Councils sad story.

Text from Dugan's sentencing.




August 16, 2010


William E Dugan former IUOE VP and President and Business Manager of Local 150 sentenced.


Another huge slap in the face for the members of the IUOE and a continuing scandalous reputation for the International Union run by Vince Giblin.

The retired leader of local 150 was sentenced today to three years of probation for violating federal labor law by demanding and accepting custom-made livestock feeders for his buffalo farm in Maryland from a company that employed the union local’s workers, as well as other similar related conduct. Dugan was also fined $30,000 and ordered to pay restitution and the costs of his supervision while on probation, announced Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

In addition, Dugan admitted the following related conduct: in 2002, he accepted the rental and delivery at his Maryland farm of a front-end loader, with a value of $7,265, from a company unionized by Local 150 workers; in 2004, this same company provided Dugan with a skid steer (small four-wheel drive engine-powered machine with a lift arm capable of being fitted with various attachments) at a price several thousands of dollars below market value; between 2003 and 2005, he accepted two 400-bushel truckloads of feed corn each year that, together with cash payments to Local 150, comprised the "rent" that a farmer paid to cultivate land the union owned in Will County; in 2003, he converted a front-end loader belong to the union apprentice program for his own benefit at his Maryland farm, and between 2001 and 2006, he misused a semi-tractor and trailers belonging to the apprentice program, while serving as the program’s board chairman; and in 2005, he filed false reports with the Labor Department failing to disclose the benefits he obtained from companies whose workers were represented by Local 150.







August 9, 2010




The 37-year-old former president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 68 told a federal judge he hired a contractor in 2004 to install equipment for the union’s training program. In exchange, Giblin said he accepted more than $10,000 in renovations to his Jersey City condominium.

"Do you dispute that you received an improper gratuity?" asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato.

"No," said Giblin, who stood unshackled before U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh with his hands clasped, wearing a dark suit and tie.

The admissions mark a long fall for Giblin, whose father, Vincent J. Giblin, is the union’s national president and former chair of the board of directors for Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield of New Jersey. His uncle, state Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin, is Local 68’s business manager and the former state Democratic Party chairman.

 Giblin said. He pleaded guilty to receiving kickbacks and embezzling. Giblin faces up to one year in prison under the terms of his deal with prosecutors. He has not agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in future investigation, said his lawyer, Cathy Fleming.


Cavanaugh scheduled Giblin’s sentencing for Nov. 29.




Dennis Giblin Charges


Dennis Giblin Plea Agreement





March 22, 2010
Former IUOE 2nd VP and President BM of powerful
Local 150 Bill Dugan Pleads Guilty.

A former local union boss who owns a buffalo farm in Maryland pleaded guilty today in federal court in Chicago to a misdemeanor charge of violating labor law by accepting livestock feeders from a company that employed workers from the Chicago union.
William Dugan, former president of the Operating Engineers Union Local 150, admitted to taking concrete buffalo feeders from an Elgin company in 2005. He could face up to a year in prison when he is sentenced in September.
Dugan, 76, who retired from his union post in 2008, now lives on the buffalo farm in Maryland. He formerly served on the Illinois Gaming Board.
As part of his plea agreement, Dugan also admitted illegally taking other items of value in the past. Dugan said he accepted a front-end loader in 2002 from another company that used union workers, according to his plea agreement. Dugan also had a farmer who was renting land from the union give him two 400-bushel truckloads of feed corn each year from 2003 through 2005.
In addition, he improperly used a semi-tractor and trailers belonging to an apprenticeship program while he was chairman of its board in 2003.
Dugan's attorney, Joseph Duffy, declined to comment Monday. Dugan had no comment as he left the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse.

(read the indictment)

March 17, 2010
President Giblin throw's hissy fit! Employs my way or the
highway philosophy in Los Angeles Local 501.

At first, it seemed like a straightforward matter. Jim McLaughlin, who had led the operating engineers’ union local in Southern California for 17 years,
was reviewing some expense accounts and grew convinced that his local’s
apprenticeship coordinator had charged more than $2,000 in improper
expenses to the apprenticeship program.
(read more)


March 8, 2010


Former IUOE VP Charged with violating Federal Labor Laws


CHICAGO — The retired leader of a regional labor union local was charged today with violating federal labor law by allegedly demanding and accepting livestock feeders from a company that employed the union local’s workers for his buffalo farm in Maryland. The defendant, William E. Dugan, was charged in a single-count criminal information filed in U.S. District Court, announced Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; James Vanderberg, Special Agent-in-Charge of the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Inspector General in Chicago; and Robert D. Grant, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.





Feb 4, 2010

Former union organizer pleads guilty in labor racketeering case

A former organizer for Operating Engineers Local 17 on Wednesday became the first person pleading guilty in connection with a labor racketeering case filed against construction union leaders almost two years ago. Local 17 was investigated for years by agents from the Buffalo offices of the FBI and the U.S. Labor Department.


(read the story)




Bad Moon Rising over IUOE?


Do you belong in the IUOE General Pension Plan? Have you worked for a local, a local apprenticeship program, or secretarial pool for a IUOE Local? If so and you are not receiving or invited to participate in the plan you better read this document and the IOUE constitution. It is very clear who is eligible to participate, if you think you are eligible you should call the IUOE immediately, better yet send a receipt certified letter, (sometimes they tend to not tell the whole story) and get an affirmative yes or no as to whether you are eligible, if they say no, send another receipt certified letter demanding in writing as to why. Here is a copy of the eligibility information and the contact information for the IUOE. Ask for Vince Giblin direct. International Union of Operating Engineers 1125 17th St. NW, Washington, DC  20036  Phone: (202) 429-9100     Fax: (202) 778-2613


(read the plan document)


(read IUOE Constitution page 110, Art. 27.)




Is another scandal brewing at the IUOE?


William K Duffy 2nd General Vice President retires effective July 1, 2009. That was the story as printed in IUOE Paper and reported in the Executive Board Minutes in Washington DC. He has been business manager/president of Local 138 in Farmingdale, NY since February 1994. Why would you take yourself off the IUOE gravy train? Could it have something to do with NY Senator Joseph L Bruno? Why would his name come up at Bruno's trial dealing with soliciting pension funds? Is this the real reason he resigned, or was it to protect Giblin and the IUOE from yet another east coast scandal?  Wow, the plot thickens, stay tuned.


(Read more here)



Secretary Of Labor Enforces Supervised Local 150 Election

After two and half long years the members of Local 150 will get at least a little satisfaction knowing that the USDOL Secretary will supervise the next Local 150 election in August 2010. There are still many unanswered questions members have concerning this election hopefully this extreme measure will prevent any more fraud and abuse that was rampant in the last election. Local 150 has spent millions of members dues money fighting this suite and using other lawsuits as Billy clubs to beat the members into submission and docility, this will be the start of change for union democracy's sake.
(read the order here)



Local 825 Members screwed again. N.J. woman accused of faking extortion, death

threats to cover up embezzling $5K from IUOE Local 825


SPRINGFIELD -- When the FBI first approached Deborah Moshier in September, she claimed to have a good excuse for embezzling $5,300 from a labor union benefits fund in Springfield. She told investigators a fellow union employee had been extorting her, demanding roughly $20,000, authorities said.
(read more here)

More idiots at IUOE Local 3. Local 3 land valued at $27 million sells for $2000.

On Nov. 16, a judge gaveled more salt into the wounds of the Operating Engineers Local 3 Pension Trust Fund and the Amalgamated Bank. It came in a tentative decision that established the value of the land at $27 million, or 13,500 times more than the $2000 Bruce Palmbaum paid for it at the judicial foreclosure auction. I hope the members sue.
(Read Here)

Giblin Fails to end corruption in New York. Former Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Corruption in Crane Operators’ Union Local 14-14b

A federal judge has appointed a former prosecutor to investigate corruption and mob influence in
the powerful union that represents most tower crane and heavy equipment operators in New York
City, a move prompted by numerous convictions of union officials and organized crime figures.

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More issues for Local 501 members

IUOE investigates Local 501. Here's what the Foxes found in the henhouse. It sure is strange that all these issues were found out by an IUOE internal investigation team that doesn't seem to be able to find out crap in Local 68, his kids own local that is under federal investigation. Read the investigation findings here.
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Something stinks from Local 324 in Detroit all the way to the IUOE in DC

This is how the big boys play with the peons money. After the bone head investments by IUOE Local 324 lost $ millions of members hard earned pension money it is becoming clear how these arrogant bastards continue to screw IUOE union members across the country. How many more scandals in the IUOE will it take for someone to clean house? Giblin wont do it because his own son and local 68 is under FBI investigation. Local 825 is under trusteeship. Local 501 was sent a letter that they were under investigation. Locals 14 and 15 were the subject of an organized crime infiltration. FBI raid VP and Local 150 President/Business Manager Bill Dugan's ranch in Maryland then he resigns amid FBI investigations. Officers of Local 17 were indicted by the feds. What the hell Judge Zazzali are you still alive, or are you bought and paid for too? Now Local 324 Business manager and IUOE VP John Hamilton s name surfaces in a pension scandal. Another one bites the dust! Read the disgusting truth here.

(read it here)
(PDF Version)


some 324 members comment


I agree with this 324 member, especially when the BA's of local 324 keep our retiree's working while a number of it's regular members that are on the bench go with out, and especially when your local BA in your area keep's calling out of area workers, cause he can't get along with his regular's in his area, it's a shame that it has to be this way. Not a hiring hall either, BUT, as this 324 member stated, 324 hall is not a hiring hall, just a refferal service, what a joke that is.

     Life go's on @ 324, bussiness a s usual.


Guess how much it cost to run 324 in Decemeber?

1.3 Million dollars according to the tresurers report at the union meeting? Wow Can you post something about this waste on the site.

An open Letter to Members of IUOE Local 501

Well members it looks like there is a lot of turmoil going on there in Local 501. I was requested to take down the letter posted from Sandra Ascosta, because it may not have been from Sandra, someone is not being honest. If any members wants to call or email me with the truth I am sure the other members would like to know.

UPDATE: 10-6-09 General President Giblin issues investigation letter to Local 501. How convenient to investigate Locals that have leaders that disagree with the Kingdom in DC.

(Read the letter here.)



Local 18 Members fight back against tyranny


New website launched to inform members of tyrannical business manager Pat Sink. Election opposition member fined $9000, others threatened with arrest for democratic vocalization at union meetings.





Appellate court upholds IUOE bullying tactic against rank and file!

IUOE President Giblin pledges to stop IUOE bullying tactics against contractors, but continues open season on his own rank and file. Members who rail against the union establishment during local union elections will continue to have the draconian practice of having their election web site locked up with password protection. This is the decision of the appellate court in Washington DC. The IUOE claims unbearable harm will befall the union because information from these sites could leak into the hands of unscrupulous contractors. The same contractors who are members and can get the same information on the job or at the hall. A member can start a web site and put anything he wishes in his site but if he supports a candidate it must be locked, what a load a crap. This is more of the transparent policy Vince Giblin bragged about after he was anointed President of the IUOE.


(Read Decision Here)



July 2009

Local 324 members suffer with bonehead investments


Take the Operating Engineers. The pension fund for top officials in its Washington headquarters has $85 million for 401 participants, or $209,000 apiece. It is 108% funded. Local 324's $1.4 billion rank-and-file fund has 18,000 participants, or $79,000 per head, and is 81% funded. Some of the difference can be explained by boneheaded investments like the $60 million Local 324 put into AA Capital or the $28 million it sank into rebuilding a Detroit office building that it sold for $4.5 million in 2004.


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Local 12 Operating Engineer Refused Burial Funds from IUOE

Tuesday, June 2, 2009  
Raymond J Barnes a 75 year old member of the Operating Engineers Local 12 was abandoned by local union officials after passing away. The member was late with a payment that would have given him burial benefits. The family claims he paid for years and years and never missed a payment, but you see toward the end he was suffering from Alzheimers and missed one payment.
Here's a guy who believed in labor unions all his life, he was a card carrying member of Operating Engineers Local Twelve since the middle of the last century. But when he passed away three weeks ago, union leaders turned their back on him and his family. And now they're refusing to pay for his funeral, all because of a fifty dollar mistake!

(check out the facts here)


July 20th update:
Members and press force union to change their tune!

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General President Vince Giblins Son indicted and cuffed appears before judge
Federal authorities in New Jersey today charged the nephew of a state assemblyman with skimming union funds to pay for work on his condo.
Dennis J. Giblin, president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 68 and administrator of its Education Fund, could face several years in federal prison if convicted of the counts contained in a federal indictment.
Giblin's father, Vincent J. Giblin, is national president of the union and chairman of the board of directors of Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield of New Jersey.
His uncle is state Assemblyman Thomas Giblin, an Essex County Democrat who ran the union for decades and now serves as its business manager.
Dennis Gilbin turned himself in this morning, then was brought in handcuffs before a federal magistrate in Newark. He was released on $25,000 bail.........
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Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Republicans screw Local 150 and Indiana Membership

Senate Republicans presented a bailout that bites both employers and workers, but the initial plan -- now in negotiations with House Democrats -- is drawing loud complaints from labor. David Fagan, the Merrillville-based financial secretary for International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, said the 4,500 Indiana members of the union earn an average of about $65,000 a year. He considers the Senate plan a "bad economic policy" that "singles out the construction industry." Local 150 in the past has backed Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, who calls the Senate unemployment plan "an excellent effort."


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3/28/2009 GOOD NEWS
Construction workers in Portland, Ore., have come up with a unique way to help children with a serious disease. It all began about three weeks ago when Roger Bullock, a 12-year member of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 701, found a penny on the floor of the elevator he operates five days a week at a downtown Portland construction site.

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Press Release: 2-21-2009

Engineers For A Democratic Union, Local 825 Chapter

Local 825 in conjunction with the IUOE and other IUOE locals through the actions of certain union officials and members have formed their own ORGANIZED CRIME FAMILY that has functioned as such by preying on their memberships contractors, property owners and the American public.

Allowing the IUOE Organized Crime Family to continue their strangle hold that they have held on 825's membership through elicit activities and intimidation interferes with the right of Local 825 members to free speech and democratic participation in the affairs of their labor organization and conspiring to interfere with the right of the Local members to loyal and responsible representation by their union officials, agents, employees and representatives. It also creates a dangerous environment at construction sites throughout New Jersey and New York.

For some unknown reason the Federal Government has dropped the BALL to properly prosecute this RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE. The New Jersey US Attorney needs to restart the TRAIN, SWITCH TRACKS AND PLAY FOLLOW THE LEADER into a new direction, the same direction as the New York US Attorney pursued against IUOE Local 14.

On the east coast its a family affair, you have the Soprano's, the Campbell's, and then you have the Giblin's.

Dennis Giblin son of Vince Giblin the President of the IUOE was arrested for doing what seems to be taken as a right for anyone in union office these day's. Dennis the President of IUOE Local 68 is also the nephew of New Jersey state Assemblyman Thomas Giblin, Thomas Giblin just happens to be the Business Manager for Local 68. Dennis was charged today in an alleged kickback scheme as federal prosecutors continued to investigate what sources have called a corruption probe into a union local and the politically active family that has run it for decades.


(read more about this story here)


Club Fed Ahead for another Giblin buddy and former IUOE VP

    The leader of Springfield N.J.,based IUOE union local 825 was sentenced today to three years and 10 months in federal prison for participating in a bribery scheme tied to the building of the Goldman Sachs office tower in Jersey City. Kenneth Campbell, of Basking Ridge, had risen from a crane operator to the business agent of Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers. He admitted in October to taking more than $250,000 in kickbacks and spending workers' money on televisions for himself and a Lincoln Town Car for his father. "I wish I had stayed a crane operator," Campbell said, his husky voice cracking as he stood before U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler. Chesler ordered Campbell to pay a $40,00 fine and about $247,000 in restitution to the union. The crime, the judge said, was not simply a lapse in judgment. "It was sheer unmitigated greed," Chesler said. In exchange for the kickbacks, the contractors were allowed to circumvent their collective bargaining agreement obligations, including using non-union labor on some jobs and having fewer than the required number of operators on certain pieces of equipment.

read the entire article here (nj.com)

(read a copy of the FBI complaint here)




IUOE Ethics Czar may be over his head...........


James R. Zazzali, a former New Jersey State judge with many other impressive credentials, has been selected by Andy Stern to preside over a mixed committee of eminent citizens and SEIU officials charged with the task of developing a code of ethics cogent enough to discourage SEIU representatives from misappropriating union money. The question is whether it is fair to burden him with so heavy a responsibility, one that could require intense concentration and a heavy investment of time. The problem is that Judge Zazzali is already occupied with his job as a staff member of the International Union of Operating Engineers. Earlier this year, he was hired, or retained, as the IUOE Ethics Officer to enforce its newly strengthened Code of Ethics, which he had drafted. Fulfilling just that responsibility alone could put anyone under an intolerable strain because there is so much to do........
(read the entire article here)



IUOE debuts new website look and previews long awaited Ethics information.

The IUOE is sporting a new look these days with many new features and interesting links for IUOE members. What is also new is the fact that you now have to register to see the secret content, I am sure the secrecy has to do more with the 1st amendment lawsuit against election websites than any pertinent content employers might glean from the site. The other major addition is a page dedicated to the Ethics reform instituted since corruption of many locals has appeared on this website and in the national news. I would advise every member to look at this ethics page and if necessary use the procedure to file actions against any unethical practices that may be ongoing in their local.




Feds could force Local 150 to undo election

DOL documents accuse Dugan and Sweeny of using employer funds and union funds to steal election Chao vs Local 150





Canadian Local 793 members defeat web site rule

11,000 members of local 793 have spoken, and over 65% of the members who attend the trial of Monti Rose returned a not guilty verdict on the web-site rule. The charges against Doug Styles Jr. the web-site designer were then withdrawn by the union. The transcripts of the trial will soon appear on the website "www.timeforchange793.org"


(Click here to read the whole story)




Corrupt IUOE labor official gets no break for his good deeds


A federal judge in Newark yesterday rejected a defense notion that a union official's good deeds should cut months off his prison sentence on bribery and tax evasion charges. Defense lawyer William Lundsten asked for a break because Peter O. Strannemar, 66, of Blairstown, had helped build a church, a school and a Boy Scout camp in northwest New Jersey, even doing some of the manual labor himself. But U.S. District Judge Stanley Chesler was not overly moved, saying Strannemar's crimes as president and business agent of Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers in Springfield overshadowed his charitable acts. He sentenced him to 27 months.


(Do you think Giblin will throw him out now? Don't hold your breath)





Local 520 Granite City Illinois Forced To Rerun Election


On August 14, 2008, OLMS entered into a voluntary compliance agreement with the International Union of Operation Engineers (IUOE) Local 520 (located in Granite City, Ill.), concerning the election of officers conducted on August 10, 2007. The union agreed to conduct, under OLMS supervision, a new election for the positions of Business Manager, President, Vice President, Recording-Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary.  The OLMS investigation of the challenged election disclosed that union funds were used in the preparation of campaign literature. The agreement follows an investigation by the OLMS St. Louis District Office. 






IUOE Local 3 Members FINALLY receive justice, Doser pays!

                               IUOE does nothing!



Case # 05AS03698

Filing Date:


Case Type:

Breach of Contract/Warranty

Case Title:




The Court has now issued its ruling on the jury verdict and the remaining claims against Doser. As expected, and contrary to the inaccurate information Doser and his supporters disseminated, the damages assessed against him are huge. Doser was found to have breached his fiduciary duty to the membership and to have converted union funds for his own personal gain. In issuing its ruling the court accepted the jury’s finding of “breach of fiduciary duty” and “conversion” and added the official court findings that Doser had engaged in “self-dealing” and had “unclean hands” in accepting certain payments which were improper and a violation of his duty as Business Manager. Having considered the jury’s verdict along with his own duties as Judge in a Court of Equity, the Court has ordered Doser to pay as follows:

1. He must pay back $238, 531 for unlawful pension benefits he has received as well as pre-judgment interest at the rate of 10% per annum for the past 46 months. This interest portion of his judgment will add approximately $50,000 to the total award.

2. His future pension benefits are to be reduced by $5,185.47 a month which will result in a reduction in his yearly benefits from about $108,544.32 per year to $45,939.76 per year, for an annual savings to the pension trust fund of $62,604.56 per year. Over his entire life expectancy, this means that Doser will forfeit approximately $925,313 in

pension benefits which his wrongful manipulations of pension contributions would have brought him, had we not gone after him in this suit.

3. He must repay $129,130 in improper vacation payments he took on his retirement.

4. He must repay $108,544 in improper sick leave payments he took.

5. He must repay more than $24,000 in expenses from double dipping on his reimbursements for his duties as an International Vice President.

In total the actual damages awarded against Doser amounts to $500,760, including interest, and he will forfeit $925,000 in future pension benefits. Thus, the present and future value of the judgment is in excess of 1.4 million dollars. After the trial Doser and his supporters claimed that the current administration was lying to the membership when it claimed jury trial victory because he had instead “kicked their ass”. The truth is that he was found to have taken the members’ money

without authorization and unlawfully tried to inflate his pension benefits by more than a million dollars. This administration has vigorously pursued this litigation against Doser in order to correct the wrongs he committed while in office and to send a message that no-one can get away with misusing the very great powers properly given to him by the Constitution and By-Laws of our Union and by trying to improperly capitalize on his popularity by seeking improper and excessive personal gain because he thought he deserved more for his efforts. It is a sad day for our Union when we have to pursue a former Business Manager, whom we all trusted because he did such a good job in so many ways. But it is a great day for the transparency of our Union when we can clean house ourselves and recover the members’ money when it has been misappropriated.

Meanwhile, former Business Manager John Bonilla has threatened to sue the Union for his own attorney fees incurred in defending a cross-claim brought against him by former house counsel Paul Supton and others in this same action. The Business Manager is in consultation with the Executive Board to consider all legal options not only regarding Mr. Bonilla’s claim as well as his improprieties in allowing Mr. Doser to do what he did. Mr. Bonilla was at the helm when Mr. Doser was not only kept on the payroll as “Business Manager Emeritus”, an essentially “ghost” employee after Bonilla took over as Business Manger on his birthday, November 3, 2003. Significant evidence came out during pre-trial proceedings and at trial that disclosed that Bonilla’s active role

was far greater than he has claimed. There are serious questions raised about Bonilla’s own culpability in these events.

Finally, the Department of Labor is continuing with its own investigation into all these events. The Union’s attorneys will be meeting with the DOL this week to discuss all these developments.

So there can be no further misrepresentations of the result of this important trial, we are attaching to this summary the actual ruling of Judge Van Camp and the Verdict form. There are still some remaining issues that the Judge will be called upon to decide which may result in additional damages being assessed against Doser. We will keep you posted.

 http://www.oe3.org/news/files/0808_EN_News.pdf   (check our page 6)


Local 150 Union buckles under weight of the truth.
According to a letter from the NLRB Local 150 has now decided to comply with the Labor Boards decision and admit they were wrong, Roddie Thomason business agent lied, and they screwed a fellow member. They are now obligated to pay $38, 121.55 out of the locals treasury to a member who was ahead on the out of work list, but not the member who blew the whistle. That members gets punished not rewarded. The member who got the money had to be subpoenaed just to testify. The whole process was designed to screw former business agent Ron Chiado's son. So much for brotherhood. The worst part of the story is that Local 150 Lawyers with union cards in their pockets spent dues money on members time to cover up a lying business agent and screw a fellow member all because of politics. All because they want to show they are better than the members not equal with them. Lawyers that are union members fighting against members who run the iron day in and day out is the most blatant misuse of trust in this local. This is what got elected not what the members wanted.


(Labor Board Letter)



Federal RICO lawsuit hits Local 150 leaders over grievance settlements

July 31,2008

Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, one officer Steven M. Cisco, and two of its business agents Bob Darling, and Chuck August are being sued in federal court by two operators who allege that these members of the Joint Grievance Committee accepted a bribe to fix the outcome of a grievance filed against their employer. The suit further a pattern of racketeering activity addressed by the RICO statue. “Defendants’ fraudulent acts are not isolated but rather are part of a fraudulent pattern of conduct through which the defendants encouraged, support, and otherwise participated in a pattern of and practice of soliciting, seeking, securing, and otherwise accepting bribes to fix, change, or otherwise unfairly impact grievances involving Local 150 members,” the suit states.
http://www.chestertontribune.com/Business/7309 federal_lawsuit_hits_local_150_l.htm

Former Local 825 Lead Engineer Admits Taking Bribes from Contractors

NEWARK – A former lead engineer of Local 825 of the International Union of Operating

Engineers pleaded guilty to taking bribes from two contractors at two construction

projects, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie announced. George Horbach, 61, of Saddle Brook, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler to a two-count Information, which charges him with conspiracy to demand and

receive unlawful labor payments on two occasions. Under federal law, it is unlawful for a representative of employees, such as a lead engineer, steward, or business agent to demand or receive money or anything of value from an employer. Oh yea I think unethical also.

http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/nj/press/press/files/pdffiles/horb0707 rel.pdf



More scandal for Giblin. Prosecutors to oversee NYC construction union


July 28, 2008

Amid civil RICO claims and mobster prosecution. A consent decree between prosecutors and Local 14 of the International Union of Operating Engineers allows a federal judge to appoint two officers who can dismiss and appoint union officials, seize union assets and visit job sites to root out corruption. Will Local 150 be next?





IUOE Continues Gestapo tactics against Canadian Freedom of speech, harasses apprentice cancer victim

Dated: Jul 15, 2008

Crane apprentice who developed website threatened with being thrown out of union for not shutting down

presidential nominee's website. IUOE continues its stranglehold against anyone who seeks free and fair elections.

(Read the whole story)



IUOE 2nd VP Bill Dugan Resigns from Local 150 amid scandals and FBI investigations.




More problems for Giblin and Local 825

Both Kenneth Campbell and Pat Campbell in serious trouble.


http://www.iuoewatch.info/PDF Files/Local825SupersedingIndict6_27_2008.pdf

http://www.iuoewatch.info/PDF Files/Local825t6_27_2008.pdf



Federal agents raid IUOE 2nd Vice President Bill Dugan's ranch

May 30, 2008
Federal agents early this morning raided a Maryland buffalo ranch and hunting store owned by prominent Chicago-area labor leader William E. Dugan in connection with a wide-ranging criminal probe.



Labor Board finds IUOE Local 150 Guilty of Unfair Labor practice against it's own members


May 13, 2008


In a decision issued April 30, 2008, Region 33 of the National Labor Relations Board denied an appeal by IUOE Local 150 for violating members rights and subversion of the hiring hall practices. The board and the ALJ John West found continually that one of the Dugan Administrations hand picked BA's Roddie Thomason lied repeatedly under oath to cover up an open violation of the hiring hall practices. (read the transcript here, especially page 19)



IUOE Local 17 a Criminal Enterprise


May 10, 2008


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES for the Western District of New York MAY 2007 GRAND JURY Impaneled 5/04/07.

There existed in the Western District of New York, and elsewhere, an "Enterprise" as that term is defined in Title 18,United States Code, Section 1961(4); namely, a labor union and a group of individuals associated in fact. The Enterprise consisted of a labor union known as the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 17, AFL-CIO (hereinafter, Local 17), a labor organization as defined under the Labor Management Relations Act, Title 29, United States Code, Section 152(5), with principal offices located at 5959 Versailles Road, Lakeview, New York 14085.


(read here)



Former Local 825 BA admits taking bribes from contractor.

May 10, 2008

NEWARK – A former business agent of Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers pleaded guilty today to taking a bribe from a contractor in exchange for permitting the contractor to use non-union labor, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie announced. Arthur Heimall, 69, of Sussex, pleaded guilty to a one-count criminal Information before U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler, charging him with conspiracy to demand and receive an unlawful labor payment. Under federal law, it is unlawful for any officer or employee of a labor union, such as a business agent, to demand or receive money or anything of value from an employer that the labor union represents. (read here)


IUOE Local 547 Election Overturned by DOL


APRIL 26, 2008


Department of Labor overturns another crooked election. Gary Lucy reported today with good news that the Department of Labor has overturned last summers election in IUOE Local 547 and the election will be rerun. This is good news for all reformers who sometimes wonder if David has a chance against the IUOE goliath. More to come. To learn more about another crooked election go to http://restoretherespect.com/default.aspx



Operating Engineers supervising troubled Buffalo-area local

April 15, 2008


IUOE supervising Buffalo-area Local 17 because of racketeering indictments.


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) _ The International Union of Operating Engineers is now running its Buffalo-area local because the president and 11 other officers and members are charged with racketeering and extortion. Local 17's executive board requested the supervision after President Mark Kirsch and the others were indicted last week. The parent union agreed, saying the action is necessary to protect the interests of the union and its members. The International Union of Operating Engineers represents 405,000 heavy equipment operators, mechanics and maintenance workers in the United States and Canada. Local 17 has about 2,500 members in western New York. The indicted members of Local 17 are on unpaid leave from the union.






U.S. Labor Dept. sues 5/3rd Bank, IUOE Local 324 Pension in jeopardy?


$28 million real estate investment sold for $4.5 million

Troy, Michigan – The U.S. Department of Labor has sued Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio corporation and advisor to the Operating Engineers Local 324 Pension Fund in Troy, Michigan, to recover plan losses suffered when the defendants mismanaged the sale of property owned by the fund. The bank and Carey Milestone Advisors LLC, another Ohio company, managed real estate investments on behalf of the pension plan. Based on the advice of Carey Milestone Advisors, the bank furnished the plan with a strategy for development of property located at 1001 Woodward in Detroit, Michigan. Fifth Third  Bank subsequently reversed its development strategy and sold the property to the Cavaliere Group for only $4.5 million in 2004. At the time the sale took place, the plan had invested more than $28 million in the property. (click here to read story)         (more here)



IUOE Union hogs feast at the members expense, Giblin gets $42,712 raise!


Check out this report taken from the 2006 and 2007 LM2 report on the $42,712 raise for poor Vince Giblin



12 Union Officers and members of IUOE Local 17, indicted in New York!


The corruption continues in the IUOE henhouse under fox Vince Giblins watch as United States Attorney Terrance P. Flynn announced today the unsealing of an 8-count Superseding Indictment charging 12members of Operating Engineers Local 17, based in Hamburg, New York, with engaging in a violent scheme to extort jobs and compensation associated with those jobs from both local and out-of-town, businesses and their employees. (Click here to read the press release)





Former Business Agent from IUOE local 825 pleads guilty to taking bribes, implicates others.......



(click here to read the report of the U. S. Justice Department just published today)






Kenneth Campbell 8th IUOE VP and Business Manager of Local 825 indicted!!
Kenneth P. Campbell, 56, of Basking Ridge, and Peter O. Strannemar, 66, of Blairstown, were
arrested this morning on an Indictment, which was unsealed today, by Special Agents with the
FBI, the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Inspector General’s Office of Labor Racketeering
and Fraud Investigations, and the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. Both defendants appeared
before U.S. Magistrate Judge Esther Salas for their initial appearances. Campbell and Strannemar
were each released on $100,000 bonds secured by equity in their homes.


According to the Indictment, these defendants and their co-conspirators demanded and received
cash from the companies in exchange for labor peace and to permit the companies to circumvent
requirements of a collective bargaining agreement. According to the Indictment, the defendants
and their co-conspirators obtained at least $88,000 in cash from the steel erector company and at
least $23,600 in cash from the plumbing company. In addition, the Indictment alleges that
Strannemar received free household appliances from the plumbing company, which were
delivered to his cabin in New York. The Indictment alleges that after A.M. obtained the cash
payments from the companies’ representatives, it was given to C.W., who then delivered it to
Campbell and Strannemar.







Edward C. Levy Co. Workers decertify Local 150




IUOE Members continue to get punished while the IUOE does nothing to uphold the IUOE Constitution or punish the Business Manager....


In 2006 the Business Manager for Local 98 in Massachusetts was found guilty by the Local trial board for denouncing a black member in blatantly racists term and of threatening him with reprisals. The BM got 20 hours of diversity training, but for the black operating engineer of 28 years things continued to get worse. Why wasn't this BM fired? Why wasn't this member supported by Giblin and his do nothing VP's? You have to read this story to believe it. This is your IUOE at work.......




BNA Reports 1-2-08

Members Can Sue IUOE Local 150 President Bill Dugan for using training fund for personal use


United States Federal Judge Rebecca R. Pallmeyer gave the go ahead for members of Local 150 to sue its President/Business Manager and 2nd Vice president of the IUOE with their claim that Dugan breached his fiduciary responsibility under ERISA by using assets of unions apprenticeship training fund for his own personal benefit. Read the BNA report.

Read the court case description here. http://pub.bna.com/pbd/07c286.pdf



Federal agents raid union offices and Jersey City home

of Local 68's president, Dennis Giblin


U.S. agents raid union offices led by a key Jersey Democrat

Nov. 22 -- JOHN P. MARTIN AND ELIZABETH MOORE -- Star-Ledger Staff
Federal agents yesterday raided the offices of a West Caldwell union long headed by state Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin, part of what sources said is an ongoing corruption probe into the union and the politically active family that has run it for decades. Armed with a search warrant, about a dozen agents from the Department of Labor and U.S. Postal Inspection Service arrived at the West Caldwell offices of International Operating Engineers Local 68 around 9 a.m., ushering workers into a hall and demanding personnel and business records from union leaders. Agents also served warrants at other Local 68 sites and the Jersey City home of Giblin's nephew, Dennis Giblin, the union's current president and fund administrator.
Thomas Giblin, the former chairman of the state Democratic Party who served as Local 68 president for nearly three decades, emerged from the West Caldwell offices and denied any wrongdoing. Giblin, whose current title is business manager, said he and other workers complied with the agents' requests. "We're going to cooperate, whatever the government wants," he said later. "Based on my feeling, I don't believe I've done anything wrong."
Giblin, 59, said he had "no idea" what the probe was about, and speculated it might involve a disgruntled employee.
The sources, who requested anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, declined to discuss specifics of the case and a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said the office would have no comment.
The warrants listed Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato, a member of the U.S. Attorney's Strike Force, a unit that focuses on organized crime.
In past years, the same unit has investigated mob influence and prosecuted labor officials in other New Jersey locals for embezzling benefit funds, awarding no-show jobs and defrauding their unions.
Agents spent more than six hours at the Local 68 site in West Caldwell, poring over contracts, correspondence, payroll logs and other records. It was unclear how much material they seized.
But the raids were an unexpected development involving one of New Jersey's more politically active and prominent Democratic families. Giblin, a longtime Democratic powerbroker in Essex County, rose to state party chairman after helping James E. McGreevey win the governor's seat in 2001. He stepped down four years later and the next year lost a bruising party primary for Essex County Executive. Giblin, from Montclair, is in his first term as a Democratic assemblyman. He has been a Local 68 member for more than 30 years, following his father, John, who served as the union business agent and later won election to the state senate.
His brother, Vincent, was until this year chairman of the New Jersey Casino Redevelopment Authority, the state agency that collects and distributes casino taxes. Vin cent Giblin also serves as general president of the Washington, D.C.- based International Union of Operating Engineers, a 400,000-member construction workers union. Dennis Giblin is his son; he could not be reached for comment late yesterday. Local 68, founded in 1958, represents nearly 5,800 New Jersey workers. The West Caldwell site and another one in Atlantic City provide specialized training for the engineers, from apprentices to journeymen, who work with refrigeration systems, power plants, boilers and air-conditioning systems.
For nearly half its existence, Thomas Giblin was president of Local 68. He said he left that post in 2004. He collects a $199,000 salary as business manager, according to an annual report filed this year with the Department of Labor.
The union buildings are located in a corporate park off Passaic Avenue, a main thoroughfare that runs from Fairfield through West Caldwell. The buildings are in the flight path of the Essex County Airport. About 14 employees were at the offices when the agents arrived yesterday morning. Giblin said neither he nor the union had a defense lawyer but they would be hiring one. He called the raids "unfortunate" but said he was hopeful Local 68 could still hold training classes last night. "These are civic and law-abiding folks," he said.

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Illinois President Re-Elected Despite Kickback Accusation

The word of Bill Dugan proved more believable than that of his accusers - at least to most members of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150. Dugan on August 25 was re-elected to his eighth term as president and business manager of the suburban Chicago local in the face of allegations from about 125 members that he'd been accepting monthly kickbacks of $100 each. Receiving 61 percent of the vote, Dugan denied wrongdoing, insisting that a lawsuit filed earlier this year by dissenters against him was politically motivated. Still, the lawsuit remains in force, which suggests that the dissenters, led by challenger Joe Ward, might have a point or two. The 22,000-member Local 150, based in Countryside, Ill., represents operators of cranes, backhoes, bulldozers and other equipment in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.
(Chicago Tribune, 8/28/07). .


Northern New Jersey Business Manager’s Office Raided by Feds

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 68 is a Giblin family affair. Federal law enforcement officials think this affair has been going on for too long. In an exclusive interview with Brian Thompson of New York City’s WNBC-TV, Tom Giblin, the union’s business manager, admitted that agents from the Labor Department’s Office of Inspector General had executed a search warrant of the West Caldwell, N.J. union’s offices. Moreover, the agents had served subpoenas on several employees who manage the union’s trust funds.
Giblin hastened to note that he himself had not been served, and added that the searches were based on questionable accusations of a disgruntled former employee. But that hardly means he’s out of the woods. Law enforcement sources told Thompson that Giblin is a key target of a corruption probe, along with his brother, Vincent, a top official of the international union. What’s more, agents on November 21 searched the home of Vincent Giblin’s son, Dennis, who runs Local 68’s trust funds. The unfolding case has political significance for New Jersey. Tom Giblin long has been active in Essex County politics, and for several years was chairman of the state Democratic Party. (WNBC-TV.com, 11/22/06).


IUOE Local 3

Local sues outgoing Business manager and attorneys to recoup hundreds of thousands given to Don Doser.

While leaders of New York's Central Labor Council were agonizing over what to do after their president was indicted for stealing a few million dollars from unions and assorted other sources, members of Operating Engineers Local 3 on the West Coast did not wait upon law enforcement authorities after they discovered that their business manager had misdirected the local's money. By New York standards, it was a modest amount, only $500,000. Still, it was their money. They shamed their executive board into retaining an independent investigator whose report became public property in the local. They organized an insurgent slate which defeated the business manager and ended his control over the local. Then the local sued to try to get the money back. It was not an easy undertaking. This is a construction local with over 40,000 members scattered over four states, including Hawaii. Here, according to informed local members, this how they did it:




Teamsters indicted in union vote fraud case

By Jeff Coen | Tribune staff reporter
11:56 AM CDT, September 7, 2007
An officer of Teamsters Local 743 in Chicago has been indicted along with three former union employees in an effort to rig elections in 2004, authorities announced today. In two closely contested elections a few months apart, the defendants allegedly diverted hundreds of mailed, official ballot packages to friends, relatives and confidants instead of Local 743 members. They then cast the ballots to ensure the election of an incumbent slate of officers running under the "Unity Slate," the indictment alleges.
Charged with conspiracy to commit fraud are Richard Lopez, 53, of Maywood, identified by prosecutors as the secretary-treasurer for Teamsters Local 743; as well as Cassandra Mosley of Gary, Mark Jones of Joliet and David Rodriguez of Chicago. Mosley and Jones were union business agents until last year, authorities said. Rodriguez was an organizer since 2003, the U.S. attorney's office stated.
There were no immediate court appearances set in the case. The four charged could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted, prosecutors said. Local 743 represents about 12,000 union members in warehouse, office, medical, service and other industries, authorities said.




LABOR | Reformers win Teamsters vote supervised by feds

October 24, 2007

BY FRANCINE KNOWLES fknowles@suntimes.com


A slate of reformers has been elected to head the Teamsters' 12,000-member Local 743, where last month its president was indicted for helping steal the last election.

Members elected all but one trustee of the 743 New Leadership Slate headed by Richard Berg, who received 1,112 votes for president, narrowly beating opponent Reginald D. Ford, who garnered 1,058 votes.

"This is great," said Berg, who lost in his last bid for president. "It's been a long time coming. The 743 New Leadership slate has been part of the rank-and-file movement that has been tying to rid our local of corruption and give the union back to our workers. We've very pleased." The union represents transportation, clerical, food service, nursing home and manufacturing workers.

The election was supervised by the U.S. Labor Department. In September, federal prosecutors indicted Local 743 President Richard Lopez along with three other union members alleging they schemed to defraud the local by diverting hundreds of ballots that had been returned to the union by mail because the addresses were old or no longer good. The four were accused of changing the addresses in a union database and having the ballots sent to friends, relatives or associates who weren't union members.

Berg filed a complaint with the Labor Department, which found the ballots had been diverted. In a July settlement, union officials admitted a controller shredded the eligibility list, noting that might have affected the outcome of the election.

"Our first priority is to clean all the corruption out of 743 and then use the resources to give full representation to the members," Berg said.




IUOE President Vincent J Giblin had to report, on LM-30, that he had received $181,900 in salaries from Blue Cross, a union vendor. However, the Lawyers decision in Local 237 is not the ruling of a law enforcement authority but a private finding. The form is on file with the Labor Department, which will have to decide what to do about it.

Click here to review the LM30

from the Union Democracy Review


Corruption charge dropped against a Jersey City man

woes continue for Giblin


Thursday, January 17, 2008
A federal complaint charging a Jersey City man with participating in a kickback scheme was dropped yesterday, an accusation that implicated the president of a union local who's a member of a family prominent in New Jersey labor circles.
U.S. Magistrate Claire C. Cecchi in Newark signed an order brought to her by government lawyers that stated prosecution of Christopher Ruton, 35, on the conspiracy charge was "not in the best interests of the United States at this time."

Ruton's attorney, Henry Klingeman, predicted the charge against Ruton - that he had his apartment in Jersey City renovated at a discounted rate as part of the scheme - will not be brought back.  In the days since his client was arrested on a criminal complaint in late November, Klingeman said, he presented federal prosecutors with evidence that Ruton had properly contracted for the work and paid fair market value for the job. "I'm grateful the government rectified its mistake within a relatively short period of time and did not put Mr. Ruton through the ordeal of a trial," Klingeman added. But prosecutors weren't as definitive. "This doesn't mean that aspect of the investigation or any part of the investigation is over," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato. "This is very much an ongoing investigation.' In the complaint charging Ruton, Dennis J. Giblin, president of the International Operating Engineers Local 68 and administrator of its Education Fund, was identified by his title and initials.
Giblin was not charged but allegedly accepted free and discounted painting and carpentry services for his Jersey City home from a contractor who worked for the union. According to authorities, Giblin directed the contractor to work on Ruton's unit in exchange for additional work with the fund.




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