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        After generations of corruption in Locals across the country the IUOE has adopted an Ethics rule and procedures to implement it. Judge Zazalli is the Enforcer of this so called reform measure. If you think he was hired to help the members, good luck. He's another IUOE pimp making $360,000 from your dues money. I believe the only reason he was hired was to keep the feds off Giblin's ass. If he has helped you or this union let me know. Better yet Zazalli call me and let me know what you've done to deserve $360,000 of members dues money. 815-549-1269

James R. Zazalli

Ethics Officer

Box No. 782

Newark, NJ  07102

866-380-3495 (Toll free)

IUOE Code of Ethics

Procedures for Implementing the IUOE Ethics Rules

AFL-CIO Code of Ethics