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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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"IUOE Union Corruption Exposed in LA Times"


IUOE Dumps Ethics Officer, duh! If you don't have any ethics why do you need a $360,000. per year ethics officer??





keeping an eye on your IUOE


Welcome to IUOE watch. Have you ever wondered what the IUOE does with your dues money. How much do we pay our anointed leaders. Do we as dues paying members have a say in our International. No! Are we indeed a Democratic union? No! What and who exactly controls the content of our union newsletter? Have you ever heard about the scandals and Federal investigations that go on in the IUOE? Ever want to run for Local or International office? Good luck with that one. Can you remember when the last election in the IUOE? Was it 1955? This website will be dedicated to the facts as we know them about the workings of the IUOE, the scandals and the scams and whatever good we can find. The only way to know for sure that hard working operating engineers get a fair shake for their dues money is to shine a light on and in our house and expose the dark corners of your union. Please feel free to contact us and contribute facts from your Local union. If you don't like what you read about our Union, then fight to change it. The tools are all here.



Free at last, free at last, the tyrants at the IUOE can kiss my ass. This site is now free from password protection commanded from the union democracy hating IUOE. Feel free to share your stories and contact me without fear of big brother watching. Lets return control of our IUOE to us, the dues paying members, not the self anointed dictators in Washington.



John Hamilton Defeated


Members of Local 324 are rejoicing today because Union Democracy Advocate Doug Stockwell brought down the free spending Giblin crony, John Hamilton.


Herr Callahan Invokes Giblin Gestapo Tactics



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NEW! 2-3-2015


IUOE 324 Official Pleads Guilty



David Hart, a former International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) official, pleaded guilty to charges he participated in an extortion cover-up by another union official, dubbed "Union Official A," according to a law enforcement official release announced last week. The 42-year-old Hart, of East China Township, Michigan, served as Financial Secretary and Chief of Staff for Operating Engineers Local 324, a labor union that represents more than 18,000 individuals operating heavy machinery in the State of Michigan.


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